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A Life in a Quiz - My Daughter

Created by bucknallbabe

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A Life in a Quiz  My Daughter game quiz
"My daughter was feeling left out so this quiz is for her. Again, dates, people and places in her life have inspired some UK biased questions."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. My daughter was born in Bedford, the county town of Bedfordshire. Which of these statements is untrue?
    "The Pilgrim's Progress" was written in Bedford Gaol
    A Bedfordshire "Elephant Cage" played an important role during the "Cold War"
    Kit Williams buried treasure in Bedfordshire
    In 1970 the first British drive through safari park was opened at Woburn by the Duke of Bedford

2. We named her after her German great-grandmother which has meant she rarely comes across anyone with the same name. She was delighted to find that she shares her name with a character in the musical "Sweeney Todd". Where and when did Stephen Sondheim's show first open in the West End of London?
    Royal National Theatre, 1993
    Uris Theatre, 1979
    Theatre Royal, Drury Lane 1980
    Circle in the Square Theatre, 1989

3. From an early age, she showed dramatic tendencies and played such exciting roles as a fairy light and mud in school productions. The latter role was part of an adaptation of "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. Who did Rosen succeed as Children's Laureate in 2007?
    Quentin Blake
    Michael Morpurgo
    Jacqueline Wilson
    Anne Fine

4. On her 11th birthday, my daughter was expecting a letter from Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry and has not yet forgiven me for not arranging this. She is an avid fan of Harry Potter and likes to imagine J.K. Rowling passing through a Bedfordshire railway station and being inspired to give its name to one of the characters in the books. Which one?
    Professor Charity Burbage
    Professor Severus Snape
    Professor Filius Flitwick
    Dudley Dursley

5. One of the many sports my daughter enjoys is netball. Which supermarket group, in 2008, supported a campaign to have netball included in the 2016 Olympics?
    The Co-operative

6. Like many young people, my daughter likes to go to concerts. Which colourful band did she see at the Milton Keynes Bowl in June 2005?
    Simply Red
    Pink Floyd
    Green Day

7. Following the 1967 Plowden Report, Bedfordshire adopted a "three-tier" school system. How are the three types of schools which my daughter attended designated?
    Lower, Middle, Upper
    Nursery, Junior, High
    Infant, Junior, Senior
    Nursery, Primary, Secondary

8. As part of her Physical Education course, my daughter spent two weeks at the Blue Peris Mountain Centre in Gwynedd, North Wales, just a few miles from the castle where Prince Charles was invested as the Prince of Wales in 1969. Which castle is it?
    Cardigan Castle
    Carmarthen Castle
    Caerphilly Castle
    Caernarfon Castle

9. At the time of writing this quiz, my daughter was sixteen. Who had a UK hit with "Only Sixteen" in September 1959?
    The Supremes
    Sam Cooke
    Craig Douglas
    Dr Hook

10. For several years, my daughter insisted she wanted to be a shark when she grew up. Which of these sharks classified as resident in British waters is the largest?
    Basking shark
    Angel shark
    Thresher shark

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Compiled Jun 28 12