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Han Solo in History

Created by salami_swami

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Han Solo in History game quiz
"I hope that Han Solo drew your attention. Now, this quiz will not be about Han Solo, and I apologize for that. But it IS about the Han Dynasty!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What Dynasty was the predecessor of the Han Dynasty?
    Qing Dynasty
    Qin Dynasty
    Zhou Dynasty
    Shang Dynasty

2. There were two capitals of the Han Dynasty during its reign. What was the capital of from 206 BC to 9 AD?

3. During the Han Dynasty, many trade routes were established. Travelling merchants used these routes to sell their merchandise to other parts of the world. What were these great paths called?
    Spice Routes
    Satin Roads
    Porcelain Routes
    Silk Roads

4. Something happened in Chinese history that would end one dynasty and start the next. What caused the rise of the Han Dynasty (and destroyed its immediate predecessor)?
    Taxes were too high, and a new dynasty rose to lower taxes
    The dynasty was conquered by Koreans, who named the new dynasty the Han
    It was a simple renaming of a previously existing dynasty
    The previous Emperor died, and many revolted against the dynasty

5. During the Han Dynasty, there was a period of time that was called a period of stability. What was this period of stability called during the Han Dynasty?
    Rule of Cheech and Chong
    Rule of Yin and Yang
    Rule of Wen and Jing
    Rule of Ming and Zhang

6. Under which ruler was a governmental school system established? (When you first look at these answers, you may want to note that this ruler was NOT Mulan in a disguise).
    Shan Yu
    Tawn Wi

7. Of course, we wouldn't know much about the Han Dynasty or any other time period of Chinese history if it weren't for historians. Who was known as China's most famous historian during the Han Dynasty?
    Fa Zhou
    Jackie Chan
    Wu Liu
    Sima Qian

8. Cai Lun invented something extraordinary that changed - first China and later the world - forever. What was that invention?
    None of these

9. A very interesting man lived during the Han Dynasty. This man "interrupted" the Han Dynasty from 9 CE to 24 CE. Who was he?
    Lang Bang
    Fang Lang
    Wang Mang
    Tang Xang

10. Throughout Chinese history, hundreds of Emperors ruled. Some ruled for days, some ruled for many years. But tell me, which of these Emperors do you think actually lived during the Han Dynasty?
    Hun Di
    Gao Lu
    Wen Di
    Shio Di

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