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What's the Craft?

Created by emerald_door

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Whats the Craft game quiz
"How much do you know about different crafts?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the main difference between kirigami and origami?
    Kirigami uses only white paper. Origami can be done with colored and printed papers.
    Kirigami uses only fabric. Origami uses only paper.
    Kirigami is a woodworking craft. Origami is the art of paperfolding.
    In kirigami, you cut the paper as well as folding it. In origami, you fold the paper but don't cut it.

2. What is stumpwork?
    Another word for macrame.
    A ceramics technique.
    A raised form of embroidery.
    A type of woodcarving.

3. Which of these items would you need in order to do Theorem Painting?
    Undyed silk fabric
    A set of stencils
    An airbrush

4. What is pinweaving?
    Weaving in which the warp threads are held down by pins.
    The art of weaving fine gauge wire.
    Weaving done on a wooden loom with raised "pins."
    Weaving done on a metal screen, rather than on fabric.

5. What is the term for the art of paper filigree?
    Paper stripping
    Paper tole

6. What craft gets its name from the French word for "cutting out"?
    Papier mache

7. Which of the following crafts requires a hook?

8. What should you add to acrylic craft paint in order to paint on fabric?
    Fabric softener
    Fabric medium
    Oil paint

9. When making candles, which method is safest for melting wax?
    An electric frying pan
    A double boiler
    A microwave oven
    A pressure cooker

10. Which of the following is not an example of a traditional Native American craft?
    Cornhusk doll
    Glass blowing
    Clay pot

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Compiled Jun 22 13