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I've got a Notion

Created by Marshame

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Needlework
Ive got a Notion game quiz
"There are so many tools to help us. How much do you know about notions used in all kinds of sewing and needle work?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Everyone has one: a tomato pin cushion with a strawberry attached. What's the strawberry for?
    To clean needles and pins
    For decoration
    To lift the pin cushion
    For little tiny pins

2. The purpose of this notion is to "un-sew." What is it?
    Invisible thread
    Seam ripper
    Bonding tape
    Fabric glue

3. Which one of the following notions is used in ironing?

4. Which needle has the thinnest shank?

5. What would today's quilter consider to be the most indispensable notion(s)?
    Rotary cutter
    Drop-down quilting frame
    Nearby quilt shop

6. All of the following are ways to baste quilts except one. Which is the odd one out?
    Use spray adhesive to hold the layers together
    Pin-baste with safety pins
    Firmly hold the layers together while you quilt
    Baste with running stitches

7. What is a chatelaine?
    A necklace to which sewing notions are attached
    A focal fabric
    A braided trim
    Interfacing made of horsehair

8. There are many ways to mark fabric for sewing and quilting. All of the following are good ways to mark fabric, except one. Which is the no-no?

9. How often should a sewing machine needle be changed?
    After every 2 or 3 projects
    All of the above
    If you hear a popping sound when sewing
    When the needle thread keeps breaking

10. What is the notion called that is used to punch a hole, such as for a belt?
    Ice pick
    Jumbo pin

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Compiled Jun 28 12