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Equivocal Words

Created by richicago

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Equivocal Words game quiz
"Answers to this quiz are single words spelled the same, but with different pronunciations and meanings. I'll give you clues for each word. For example: Low voiced fish would be Bass. (Pronounced Bass and Base)."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Deny garbage.
    Answer: (One Word - 6 letters)

2. Happy Ingredients.
    Answer: (One Word - 7 letters (singular))

3. Shut down nearby.
    Answer: (One Word - 5 letters)

4. Be ahead of an element.
    Answer: (One Word - 4 letters)

5. Unacceptable person with broken leg.
    Answer: (One Word - 7 letters)

6. Comfort a cabinet.
    Answer: (One Word - 7 letters)

7. Basis of a cheer.
    Answer: (One Word - 4 letters)

8. Put a spell on a doorway.
    Answer: (One Word - 8 letters)

9. Bra for a well endowed woman
    Answer: (One Word -7 letters)

10. Abandon a wasteland.
    Answer: (One Word - 6 letters)

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Compiled Jul 28 13