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"Ratchet & Clank 2" - Planet Siberius

Created by 401891

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Ratchet  Clank 2  Planet Siberius game quiz
"This is a quiz about the Planet Siberius level from "Ratchet & Clank 2" for PS2."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. How many Titanium Bolts are there on this level?

2. What is the name of the boss on this level?
    The Unknown Thief
    There is no boss
    Thug Leader
    Giant robot

3. How is the Skill Point "You Can Break a Snow Dan" achieved?
    Killing all the snow monsters
    Throwing a snoball at a robot
    Destroying a snow man
    Melting a patch of snow with the Lava Gun

4. How is the boss planning on destroying the Protopet?
    Attatching it to a rocket
    They aren't going to destroy it
    Shooting it
    Burning it

5. What coordinates are downloaded on this planet?
    Planet Rilgar
    Planet Tabora
    Planet Dobbo
    Hrugis Cloud

6. Which set of armour is first available here?
    There is no armour available

7. Where is the Mod Shop?
    At the very start
    Near the second Gadgetron Vendor
    Near the battlefield at the end
    There is no Mod Shop

8. Which of these is not required on this planet?
    They're all needed
    Tractor Beam

9. Where is the Nanotech Boost?
    There is no boost
    On a ledge near the ship
    Under a pile of boxes near the end
    In a secret room behind one of the Platinum Bolts that needs to be opened with the Infiltrator

10. Who wants to meet Ratchet and Clank after they free the Protopet?
    Mr. Fizzwidget
    The Thug Leader
    Slim Cognito

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Compiled Jun 28 12