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World History According to "NewsRadio's" Bill

Created by bmrsnr

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World History According to NewsRadios Bill game quiz
"Anyone familiar with "NewsRadio" will surely appreciate Bill McNeal's interesting sense of history and geography. See how well you know about it!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When Bill's coworkers fail sign on for his new massage chair, he brands them as traitors telling them that what famous city fell because of people like them?

2. When the office finds out that Dave is Canadian, Bill, in a touching moment, has everybody in the office say where their ancestors came to America from. Bill claims that his ancestors came over on the Mayflower from what European country?
    The Vatican

3. When massive budget cuts are made in the office due to Bill receiving a huge raise, Bill verbally attacks Dave by telling him that this is not Elizabethan England and that Dave is not what famous world leader?
    Mickey Mouse
    Queen Elizabeth
    Joseph Stalin
    Genghis Kahn

4. After Dave installs a security door in the office, the whole staff protests, Bill included. Citing that, if there were a fire, everybody would be "stuck inside, burned alive. Like those people on _____."
    The Titanic
    Apollo 13
    The Hindenburg
    Space Mountain

5. In the finale of season 4, the show spoofs "Titanic." At the end of the episode, Bill, upon realizing that the ship really is sinking, rushed off to the life boat exclaiming that, "I have a heart condition, and I'm ____."
    a woman

6. After returning from what everybody believes was a trip to Japan, Matthew is eager to share his knowledge of Japanese culture with anyone who will listen. While discussing the various Japanese names for food, Matthew tells Bill that they have all kinds of food in Japan, to which Bill replies, "Yeah, I know Matthew, It's called ____."
    Japanese food
    Chinese food
    Asian food

7. Bill, after playing a recording of a telephone conversation he had with Lisa, shares with us the following outburst. "Are you challenging my constitutional right to ____."
    bear arms
    record my phone calls
    make nude phone calls
    call your ex-girlfriends

8. According to Bill McNeal, George Washington had intimate relations with whom?
    Martha Washington
    Benedict Arnold
    Abigail Adams
    Marilyn Monroe

9. According to Bill McNeal, who led the Native Americans to victory at the Battle of Little Bighorn?
    Sitting Bull

10. Which of the following famous peoples did Bill McNeal claim believed in fortunetelling?
    All of these
    Julius Caesar

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Compiled Jun 28 12