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Richard Dean Anderson

Created by baban

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Richard Dean Anderson game quiz
"How well do you know Richard Dean Anderson? He's been on our screens in different roles for over 30 years! You won't need duct tape or a device to travel to other planets..."

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1. In which daytime soap opera did Richard Dean Anderson, in the role of Jeff Webber, come to national attention?
    Days of our Lives
    The Bold and the Beautiful
    The Young and the Restless
    General Hospital

2. Richard Dean Anderson has ascribed his success in an audition in 1985 to the revealing of which physical impediment?
    He had a broken leg
    He needed to use a hearing aid
    He had a broken arm
    He needed glasses to read the script

3. The role for which Richard Dean Anderson is probably most well known came in 1985. What was the show's name?
    Magnum P.I.
    Stargate SG-1

4. What has Richard Dean Anderson said was his dream of becoming when he was growing up?
    Professional football player
    Professional ice hockey player

5. Richard Dean Anderson played the character Jack O'Neill in "Stargate SG-1", a character strongly affected by the death of his son, Charlie. In which 1995 role did Richard Dean Anderson also play a man affected by the death of his son?
    Bill Parish
    Ray Bellano
    Jack Rourke
    Bradley Matthews

6. Richard Dean Anderson, along with his friend Michael Greenburg, formed their own production company. What was it called?
    Gekko Film Corp.
    Viper Ventures
    Lizard Lights Ltd
    Dragon Developments

7. Which TV series role has Richard Dean Anderson described as his "favourite project ever", and expressed his disappointment at its cancellation?
    Lt. Simon Adams in "Emerald Point N.A.S."
    Jack O'Neill in "Stargate SG-1"
    Ernest Pratt in "Legend"
    Adam McFadden in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"

8. Richard Dean Anderson has actively supported many charities and organisations. Which of these is he known to have supported?
    Challengers Boys and Girls Club
    All of them.
    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
    Waterkeeper Alliance

9. In 1998 Richard Dean Anderson fulfilled a dream. What was that dream?
    Became a father
    Participated in the Long Beach Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race
    Went to the moon

10. MacGyver was portrayed as a native from this US state, where his character Jack O'Neill, like Richard Dean Anderson, has a cabin. Which US state?
    'MacGyver' wasn't American, he's Canadian - British Columbia

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