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A Little Respect For Mr. Dangerfield

Created by fredsixties

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Dangerfield, Rodney
A Little Respect For Mr Dangerfield game quiz
"Rodney Dangerfield was one of the funniest comedians ever to grace a stage. See how much you know about his life and career."

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1. What year was Rodney born?

2. Rodney first performed his own jokes at age 19. What pseudonym did he use?
    Jack Roy
    Jacob Cohen
    Rodney Dangerfield
    Philip Cohen

3. During the period where Rodney took a hiatus from comedy, which of the following jobs did he have?
    Aluminum siding salesman
    Singing waiter
    All of them
    Acrobatic diver

4. Rodney finally got his big break in the mid 1960s and it turned his career around. How did this happen?
    He signed to a recording contract.
    He was a last minute replacement on a television show.
    He was featured in a documentary.
    He was discovered as a singing waiter.

5. Rodney appeared on the U.S. "Tonight Show" over 70 times.

6. Rodney Dangerfield actually won a Grammy Award.

7. What movie gave Rodney his first major role?
    Easy Money
    Back To School

8. In 1994 Rodney departed from his comedic roles to play a part in a crime drama, directed by the legendary Oliver Stone. Can you name the film?
    Natural Born Killers
    8 Million Ways To Die

9. Rodney was recognized by The Smithsonian Institute by having a display there in his honor. What was displayed?
    His trademark white shirt and red tie
    A photo with the caption "No Respect"
    His checkerboard blazer
    His American Comedy Award statuette

10. Sadly Rodney passed away in September of 2004. What was inscribed on his headstone?
    Rodney Dangerfield...Finally some respect
    Rodney Dangerfield...Still no respect
    Rodney Dangerfield...There goes the neighborhood
    Rodney Dangerfield...Dr. Vinny Goombatz couldn't save him

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