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The Cast of 'Chuck'

Created by Bomber1013

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The Cast of Chuck game quiz
"'Chuck' is a funny, action packed spy spoof with a great cast. Can you identify the following cast members with the clues from their previous acting jobs?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I made a 'Quantum Leap' to a new 'Enterprise' before landing the role of Chuck's dad. Who am I?
    Tom Bosley
    Scott Bakula
    William Shatner
    Henry Winkler

2. That nagging 'Firefly' wouldn't give me any 'Serenity'. Now I'm stuck as one of Chuck's handlers. Who am I?
    Sarah Conner
    Nathan Fillion
    Adam Baldwin
    Yvonne Strahovski

3. Life at the Buy More is sometimes 'Less Than Perfect' but it's not as bad as the 'Worst Week of My Life'. After all, when I'm not reluctantly serving my country as the Intersect I get to crush on a beautiful, blond spy. Who am I?
    Josua Gomez
    Zachary Levi
    Adam Baldwin
    Ryan McPartlin

4. I'm moving up in the medical world. I went from being the gift shop girl on 'Scrubs', to dealing blackjack on 'Dr. Vegas'. Now I play the dual role of a doctor and Chuck's worried sister. Who am I?
    Sarah Lancaster
    Jordana Brewster
    Rachel Bilson
    Julia Ling

5. I had to hide my Australian accent for my role on 'Chuck'. I didn't use the 'Sea Patrol' to get to America, but I knew I was going to be 'Gone' from 'Headland' when I was offered the role of a CIA agent assigned to protect the intersect. Who am I?
    Sarah Lancaster
    Rachel Bilson
    Nicole Kidman
    Yvonne Strahovski

6. 'K-PAX' warned me to watch out for 'The Mullets', but I didn't listen, which made me 'Fair Game' to land the role of Big Mike on 'Chuck'. Who am I?
    Zachery Levi
    Scott Krinsky
    Mark Christopher Lawrence
    Joshua Gomez

7. It's a long way from 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip' to the 'ER'. Fortunately I learned how to 'command and conquer' so that I'm more than just a pretty face at the Buy More. Who am I?
    Julia Ling
    Sarah Lancaster
    Yvonne Strahovski
    Bonita Friedency

8. Awesome dude! I studied my 'Notes From the Underbelly' and went from 'Living With Fran' to dating Chuck's beautiful sister. Captain Awesome wants to know, who am I?
    Tony Hale
    Jushua Gomez
    Ryan McPartlin
    Matthew Bomer

9. I survived an 'Invasion' and managed to avoid vanishing 'Without a Trace'. On Chuck I played his best friend Morgan Grimes. Who am I?
    Adam Baldwin
    Scott Krinskey
    Joshua Gomez
    Vik Sahay

10. If I had my way, Chuck would be locked away where he couldn't get into trouble. A good safe place might be in 'The West Wing' of a security cell
somewhere on 'Catalina Island'. I tell you, playing a general is hard work! Who am I?
    Bonita Friedericy
    Allison Janney
    Sarah Lancaster
    Janel Moloney

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Compiled Jun 28 12