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Orchestral Saxophone

Created by MarcelMule

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Orchestral Saxophone game quiz
"Since its invention in the 1840s, the saxophone has made its way into numerous orchestral works. This quiz explores some of the orchestral pieces that feature the saxophone."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. With which section of the orchestra does a saxophone sit?

2. One of the most famous saxophone parts in the orchestral repertoire is the solo in "The Old Castle" movement of Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition". Whose orchestration of this work includes saxophone?
    Lucien Cailliet
    Maurice Ravel
    Vladimir Ashkenazy
    Leopold Stokowski

3. George Gershwin's music features saxophone fairly often. Which of the following of his works DOES NOT include a part for saxophone?
    Rhapsody in Blue
    I Got Rhythm Variations
    An American in Paris
    Piano Concerto in F

4. As well as Gershwin, numerous other American composers have included saxophone(s) in their orchestral compositions. Who of the following NEVER used saxophone?

5. Richard Strauss used saxophone(s) in one of his orchestral pieces. True or False?

6. Not surprisingly, the saxophone has been included in many orchestral works precisely due to its association with jazz. One seminal jazz-influenced work by Darius Milhaud features the saxophone very prominently. What is the name of this piece?
    Machines agricoles
    The Creation of the World
    Krazy Kat

7. Perhaps surprisingly, Sergei Prokofiev included saxophone (usually a tenor) in several of his compositions. Which of the following Prokofiev pieces DOES NOT include a saxophone?
    Alexander Nevsky Cantata
    The Love for Three Oranges Suite
    Lieutenant Kije Suite
    Romeo and Juliet

8. British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams included saxophone(s) in two of his symphonies. Which ones?
    nos. 1 & 3
    nos. 4 & 8
    nos. 6 & 9
    nos. 2 & 7

9. Sergei Rachmaninov NEVER included a saxophone in one of his orchestral compositions. True or False?

10. One of the very first composers to include saxophone in an orchestral work was Georges Bizet. Which of his compositions features saxophone?
    Patrie Overture
    Symphony in C

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Compiled Jun 28 12