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Ghost Towning in the United States

Created by ghosttowner

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Ghost Towning in the United States game quiz
"Visiting old ghost towns and mining camps is a recreational hobby that has become extremely popular over the last 30 years. So, hop in that 4 x 4, put it in low gear, and head out on your adventure!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Why do people become interested in location and visiting ghost towns?
    All of these answers
    To spend time with friends and family
    To learn more about history
    The challenge

2. Among enthusiasts, there is an expression that has been coined to reflect the "disease" that one can catch once being hooked on traveling to find those elusive ghost towns. What is it?
    Cabin fever
    Maps, we don't need no stinking maps
    I am sooo lost
    Ghost Town Fever

3. What is the most important item to remember to take when leaving on a nice and relaxing ghost town adventure?
    An unreliable vehicle
    The mother-in-law
    Plenty of water
    The ex-wife

4. There are many do's and don'ts in ghost towning. What is the biggest don't while ghost towning?
    Don't have fun
    Don't stay long enough to see everything
    Don't take photographs
    Don't damage or destroy any of the remnants

5. Metal detecting is allowed in all ghost towns.

6. It is vital to be properly prepared for your trip. What items should you have with you to assure a safe adventure?
    First aid kit
    Extra gas
    Jack and spare tire
    All of these

7. The development of this device has made finding ghost towns much easier over the last decade. What is this device's acronym?
    Answer: (One Word - acronym/three letters)

8. What is the best type of vehicle to have for safely visiting even the most remote of ghost towns with your family?
    Two-wheel drive truck/SUV
    Four-wheel drive truck/SUV
    Passenger car

9. Ghost town travel has branched out into another arena during recent years and has gained immense popularity. What mode of adventure vehicle has made it possible to reach areas that even the sturdiest of four-wheel drive can't make it to?

10. In many places, special events are organized to take ghost town enthusiasts on planned group trips and tours of ghost towns. What are these events called?
    Four wheeling tours
    Ghost town days
    Ghost Town Rallies
    Party hearty adventures

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Compiled Jun 14 14