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World Records from 1950

Created by patricck

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World Records from 1950 game quiz
"All these world records are for Olympic events, but were not necessarily set at the Olympic Games. I will tell you about a later record breaking performance to help you assess your answer."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. At the World Athletic Championships in Tokyo 1991, Mike Powell (USA) set a new world record with a jump of 8.95 meters. In 1950, this record was held by Jesse Owens (USA). How far did Jesse Owens jump?
    8.13 meters
    8.33 meters
    8.53 meters
    7.93 meters

2. In Spain in 1993, Javier Sotomayor (Cuba) cleared a high jump of 2.45 meters. The record in 1950 was held by Lester Steers (USA) who had jumped over the bar at what height?
    1.81 meters
    2.01 meters
    1.91 meters
    2.11 meters

3. In the 10,000 meters in 2006, Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia) ran this distance in Zurich to set a new world record of 26 minutes 17 seconds. In 1950, the great Checkoslavakian athlete, Emil Zatopek, was the world record holder. What was his time for the event?
    30 minutes 20 seconds
    27 minutes 20 seconds
    29 minutes 20 seconds
    28 minutes 20 seconds

4. At the 1995 World Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden, the Ukrainian Inessa Kravets set a world record of 15.50 meters. How far had Rie Yamaguchi of Japan hopped, skipped, and jumped to be the 1950 record holder?
    11.66 meters
    13.66 meters
    14.66 meters
    12.66 meters

5. In June 1987, the Soviet shot putter Natalia Lisovskaya set a new world record of 22.63 meters. Another Russian, Klavdia Tochonova, held the record halfway through the 20th century. How far did she put the shot?
    20.86 meters
    16.86 meters
    14.86 meters
    18.86 meters

6. The Men's 100 meter freestyle is the glamour event, and in 2008 Eamon Sullivan of Australia set a new World and Olympic record of 47.05 seconds at the Beijing Olympics. Alan Ford (USA) was the record holder in 1950. How fast did he swim 2 lengths of the pool?
    53.4 seconds
    59.4 seconds
    57.4 seconds
    55.4 seconds

7. One swimming record set at the 2008 Olympics was the Women's 800 meter freestyle. Rebecca Adlington of Great Britain set a mark of 8 minutes 14 seconds. In 1950, the record was held by Ragnhild Hveger of Denmark. How long did the Danish swimmer take to complete 800 meters?
    10 minutes 52 seconds
    11 minutes 52 seconds
    9 minutes 52 seconds
    12 minutes 52 seconds

8. At Stuttgart, Germany, in 1986 the Russian Yuriy Sedykh launched the hammer 86.74 meters. Imre Nemeth of Hungary had held the record 36 years earlier. How far did he throw the hammer?
    69.57 meters
    64.57 meters
    59.57 meters
    54.57 meters

9. In July 1994, the Ukrainian Sergey Bubka pole vaulted 6.14 meters in Sestriere, Italy. The highest clearance before 1950 was by the American Cornelius Warmerdam. How high was that?
    4.97 meters
    4.77 meters
    5.17 meters
    5.37 meters

10. In the men's marathon, Haile Gebreselassie of Ethiopia ran the 2008 Berlin marathon in a time of 2 hours 3 minutes 59 seconds. In 1950, the South Korean Suh Yun-Bok's time from the 1947 Boston marathon was still the one to beat. What was his time?
    2 hours 45 minutes 39 seconds
    2 hours 15 minutes 39 seconds
    2 hours 25 minutes 39 seconds
    2 hours 35 minutes 39 seconds

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