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Words within words that start with ST!

Created by runaway_drive

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Words within words that start with ST game quiz
"Here is my second quiz in the 'words within words' quiz format. Hope you like it :-)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. ST + An alcholic beverage = To play lightly on a stringed musical instrument by using your fingers.
    Answer: (5 letters)

2. ST + Found in a pen = A stench.
    Answer: (5 Letters)

3. ST + Portraits, paintings, drawing, etc. = Opposite of finish.
    Answer: (5 Letters)

4. ST + Jewellery you can put on your finger = A narrow strip of flexible material.
    Answer: (6 Letters)

5. ST + Everyone = Somewhere you buy food and drink at a Theme Park.
    Answer: (5 Letters)

6. ST + Advanced to the point of when it is in its best condition. = What you can find on a zebra.
    Answer: (6 Letters)

7. ST + Something that remains after burning = To put away for future use.
    Answer: (Five Letters)

8. ST + A metal bearing mineral or rock = A place where merchandise is sold.
    Answer: (5 Letters)

9. ST + Not feeling well = Motionless
    Answer: (5 Letters)

10. ST + South African currency = To be driven or left ashore.
    Answer: (6 Letters)

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Compiled Jun 28 12