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Stephen Crane

Created by mrgrouchy

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Stephen Crane game quiz
"The American author Stephen Crane was a popular naturalist writer. Please take this quiz about his life and work. Good luck!"

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1. Stephen Crane was born in 1871 in the city of Newark. In which U.S. state was this famous writer born?
    New Jersey
    New York

2. Which one of these statements about Stephen Crane's early adult life is true?
    His father was a prominent attorney.
    He briefly attended Syracuse University.
    He graduated from Yale University with honors.
    He was interested in studying medicine.

3. In 1893, Stephen Crane published his first novel, entitled "A Girl of the Streets." Who is the title character in this book?

4. In 1895, Stephen Crane's novel "The Red Badge of Courage" was published. Which war provides the setting for this classic story?
    The U.S. Civil War
    The War of 1812
    The American Revolutionary War
    The Mexican-American War

5. The protagonist in Stephen Crane's "The Red Badge of Courage" is Henry Fleming. How does Fleming receive his battle wound?
    from a bullet fired by a Union soldier
    from a rifle butt
    from a Confederate soldier's bayonet
    from a sword

6. In 1897, Stephen Crane's short story "The Open Boat" was published. Which character, named Billie, drowns at the end of this tale?
    the oiler
    the cook
    the captain
    the correspondent

7. Which well-known Stephen Crane 1898 short story about a card game in a front room / lobby features the characters Scully, Johnnie and the Swede?
    George's Mother
    The Blue Hotel
    The Black Riders
    The Third Violet

8. In April and May 1898, Stephen Crane served as a newspaper reporter covering a European war which lasted only 30 days. Which two countries fought the war?
    Germany and France
    Russia and Poland
    Spain and England
    Greece and Turkey

9. In May 1900, Stephen Crane died at a spa in Germany. Which disease, also known as consumption, caused his death?

10. The author of "Heart of Darkness" was one of Stephen Crane's best friends and commented that Crane had "a clear easy imagination... and sharp cut images..." Who was this writer who praised Crane?
    Joseph Conrad
    H.G. Wells
    Henry James
    Emile Zola

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