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Created by NigK

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Organic Chemistry
Alkenes game quiz
"This is a quiz on the alkenes, their reactions and products. Enjoy :)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Hydrocarbons are arranged in different groups: alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, and cycloalkanes. Alkenes are aromatic hydrocarbons.

2. What is the functional group of an alkene?
    carbon-carbon double covalent bond
    carbon-carbon triple covalent bond
    carbon-carbon single covalent bond
    ionic bonds

3. Which of the following alkenes doesn't exist?

4. By which of the following reactions do you obtain ethane from ethene (ethylene)?
    Hydrogenation (Addition of Hydrogen)
    Addition of Chlorine

5. When ethene (ethylene) undergoes a chemical reaction with water in the presence of sulfuric acid, it produces a compound (A).
What exactly is the compound (A)?
    methanol (methyl alcohol)
    acetic acid
    ethanol (ethyl alcohol)

6. Sometimes we can obtain alcohol from an alkene. What is the functional group of any alcohol?
    carboxyl functional group
    None of these
    carbon-carbon single covalent bond
    hydroxyl group

7. An alcohol reacts with acetic acid to produce two compounds.
What is the chemical name of acetic acid?
    None of these
    methanoic acid
    ethanoic acid

8. When ethanol (ethyl alcohol) undergoes a reaction with acetic acid, it produces an ester and a compound (B).
What is the name of the compound (B)?
    methanoic acid
    None of these
    methyl alcohol (methanol)

9. Esters are compounds that are used in industry. What is (are) its use(s)?
    flavor and odor
    all of these

10. Ethanol (ethyl alcohol), ester, and acetic acid contain both carbon and hydrogen atoms, but are they hydrocarbons?
    No, because hydrocarbons don't have functional groups, while these compounds do.
    Yes, since they are produced by hydrocarbons.
    No, because they contain the atom oxygen.
    No, because hydrocarbons are only of three kinds.

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Compiled Nov 06 14