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Colorful Melodies

Created by deadmanfan1

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Colorful Melodies game quiz
"Each song has a color in the title of the song. I will give you the artist and then 2-4 lines from the song, then you tell me the name ofthe song. Good Luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Beatles, 1966: "So we sailed up to the sun. Till we found the sea of green. And we lived beneath the waves." What colorful Beatles' song is this?
    Blue Jay Way
    Yellow Submarine
    Old Brown Shoe

2. Santana, 1970: "Got your spell on me baby. Got your spell on me baby. Yes you got your spell on me baby. Turning my heart into stone." What dark song is this?
    Paint It Black
    Fade To Black
    Back In Black
    Black Magic Woman

3. The Lemon Pipers, 1968: "Drop a dime before I walk away. Any song you want I'll gladly play. Money feeds my music machine." What song earned The Lemon Piper's a number one hit?
    Brown Eyed Girl
    Green Tambourine
    Blue Sunday
    Red Rubber Ball

4. R.E.M., 1988: "I've had my fun and now its time to. Serve your conscience overseas (over me, not over me). Coming in fast, over me." What song came fast over them?
    White Room
    Orange Crush
    Mellow Yellow
    Purple Haze

5. The Cyrkle, 1966: "I think it's gonna be alright. Yeah the worst is over now. The mornin' sun is shining. Like a _______
_______." What song title goes in the blanks?
    Black Hole Sun
    Green Eyed Lady
    Red Rubber Ball
    Crystal Blue Persuasion

6. The Grateful Dead, 1987: "Dawn is breaking everywhere, light a candle, curse the glare. Draw the curtains I don't care, but it's alright. I will get by, I will get by, I will get by, I will survive." What Grateful Dead tune is this lyric from?
    Black Peter
    Touch of Gray
    U.S. Blues
    Scarlet Begonias

7. Cream, 1967: "Black-roof country, no gold pavements, tired starlings. Silver horses run down moonbeams in your dark eyes. Dawn-light smiles on you leaving, my contentment." Wow this song features more than one color. What 1967 tune are these lyrics from?
    Angel in White
    White Rabbit
    White Room
    White Wedding

8. The Who, 1971: "No one knows what it's like. To be hated. To be fated. To telling only lies." What "sad" song contains these lyrics?
    Blue Moon
    Behind Blue Eyes
    Blue Sunday
    Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

9. Fleetwood Mac, 1977: "Did she make you cry. Make you break down. Shatter your illusions of love." What Fleetwood Mac song icluded these lyrics?
    Gold Dust Woman
    Blue Lamp
    Silver Springs
    Red Rover

10. Van Morrison, 1967: "Hey, where did we go. Days when the rains came. Down in the hollow. Playing a new game." What color eyes did Mr. Morrison sing about in 1967?
    Green Eyed Lady
    Behind Blue Eyes
    Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
    Brown Eyed Girl

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Compiled Jun 28 12