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'MasterChef Australia' 2009

Created by Parra_Chick

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MasterChef Australia 2009 game quiz
"After the success of the reality cooking show "MasterChef" in England, it inspired the first "MasterChef Australia" in 2009. Good Luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was the name of the Australian Navy ship on which the contestants cooked lunch?
    HMAS Newcastle
    HMAS Sydney
    HMAS Kuttabul
    HMAS Kanimbla

2. What monetary figure will be awarded to the winner of "MasterChef Australia" 2009 (in Australian Dollars)?
    $ 75,000

3. Tom was eliminated when he guessed an incorrect ingredient in a taste test knockout elimination. What was the dish?
    Mouse pie
    Greek pasta bake

4. Who were the main judges on "MasterChef Australia" 2009?
    George, Ringo and Matt
    Matt, George and Gary
    George, Mark and Matt
    Mark, Paul and George

5. What was the name of the host on "MasterChef Australia" 2009?
    Chris Bath
    Margaret Fulton
    Sarah Wilson
    Sonia Kruger

6. What was the first challenge when Poh, Tom and Justine received a second chance after previously being eliminated?
    Cooking on a Navy ship
    Cooking at Christmas in July
    Cooking in Hong Kong
    Cooking with George's mum

7. Which two contestants were fast-tracked to the finals week after winning their respective cook-offs against professional chefs?
    Julia and Lucas
    Julia and Tom
    Julie and Luke
    Justine and Lucas

8. Which contestant withdrew from the show on 10 May 2009, only two weeks into the program?
    Aaron Thomas
    Trevor Forster
    Nic Ciampa
    Melissa Lutton

9. Which contestant was the first to be eliminated from the competition?
    Melissa Lutton
    Sandra Morena
    Melissa Cook
    Michelle Darlington

10. Which contestant was eliminated after serving bait to the judges?

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Compiled Jun 28 12