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"Seinfeld" Profiles: Jerry, his Pals (and More)

Created by Mr5

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Jerry Seinfeld
Seinfeld Profiles Jerry his Pals and More game quiz
"According to his friends, he's rich, he knows about relationships and he cannot not be funny. His smug smile may irritate some, but all in all how can anyone not like him?"

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1. Jerry is a very successful stand-up comedian, acclaimed both by peers and critics alike. However, his three best friends don't take his act seriously and even make derogatory comments about his comedic skills. Which of these comments was not made by George, Elaine or Kramer?
    "It's just so much fluff."
    "So what do you do, a lot of that 'did you ever notice?' kind of stuff?"
    "That's as good as anything you do."
    "And you're on the fringe of the humor business."

2. Jerry's great sense of humor makes him very successful at flirting with women. What joke does he use to pick up the girl that would later break up with him because of the pick?
    "You know, I'm the one responsible for those crop circles in England."
    He doesn't use any jokes to attract her attention
    "Imagine, spelling 'Mom' with two O's"
    "I was almost Mr. Coffee. They felt I was a little too relaxed."

3. On one occasion, George summarizes Jerry's fields of expertise. He claims Jerry knows "about comedy" and he knows "a little bit about relationships". Which is the third and final thing in George's enumeration?

4. Jerry's parents are extremely proud of their son. They seem to almost never get upset with him, whatever wrong he might do. There is however one occasion on which they are revolted by his actions and demand an explanation. When does this happen?
    when they are told that he cashed in Nana's checks
    when they read in the press that he is gay
    when they find out he made out during "Schindler's List"
    when they are informed that he got married

5. Jerry and his friends share a great passion for movies. In fact they even enjoy going to really bad movies. What is the main reason for which Jerry likes to go to this kind of movies, as stated by his own account?
    to watch people who can't act
    to pick up new material for his comedic act
    to make sarcastic remarks
    to videotape them

6. One of Jerry's favorite sayings is the sarcastic "That's a shame", which he joyfully delivers whenever one of his friends has caused a bad situation. Surprisingly, the line is actually not his to take credit for. Who was the first to use it?

7. Superman is Jerry's ultimate role-model. He often envisions himself as being or acting like the superhero. Who turns out to be his Lex Luthor on the occasion that he is dating Lois?
    Duncan Meyers
    Kenny Banya
    Cousin Jeffrey

8. At the opposite pole of Kramer when it comes to vices, Jerry doesn't have any inclination for gambling, he never smokes and hardly ever touches spirits. However, which is one of the rare occasions when he does feel the need for a strong alcoholic beverage?
    when finding out that he is going to be audited
    when finding out that Newman once dated his girlfriend
    when questioned by Elaine about the red dot
    when being informed that his show on NBC got canceled

9. Jerry eventually gets put on trial, on which occasion the question "How could anyone not like him?" gets a whole lot of answers. Still, which one of his wrongdoings is not exposed during the trial?
    urinating in a public place
    stealing a marble rye
    drugging a woman to play with her toys
    not returning a library book

10. Despite his indifference and even amusement in regards to his friends' daily troubles, Jerry really cares for them and is a true friend. What saying does Kramer use to describe Jerry as the nucleus of he group?
    lean mean peckin' machine
    the Lord of the Manor
    the Miana
    Even Steven

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