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They Said It in the 90s

Created by brewster76

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They Said It in the 90s game quiz
"This is the third quiz in a series on words and phrases first made famous on television that have become part of the American lexicon."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. 1990: The February 17th episode of "Saturday Night Live" featured the now famous Aerosmith appearance on 'Wayne's World.' What did Wayne and Garth say when Steven Tyler and the rest of the band came into the basement?
    We're not worthy!
    We're going to pump (hand clap) you up!
    Well, isn't that special?
    It's like buttah

2. 1991: Yet another word/phrase that owes its existence to "Wayne's World" is one that indicates Wayne and Garth are 'interested' in a girl. It was used several times in the 1991 dream sequence skit in which Wayne makes out with Madonna. Which is it?
    Party on, Garth!

3. 1992: 'The Larry Sanders Show' starring Garry Shandling made its debut this season on HBO. What was the famous catchphrase uttered by his sidekick, Hank Kingsley?
    Jane, you ignorant sl*t
    Hiii-ooh Silver!
    Hey now!
    Here come the judge!

4. 1993: "The Truth Is Out There." Which show that premiered this year added this eerie phrase to the American lexicon?
    Stargate SG - 1
    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    The X-Files

5. 1994: The uber-successful NBC sitcom "Friends" first hit the airwaves this fall and "The Rachel" soon became a phenomenon. What was it?
    A pick-up line Rachel used at bars
    A dance
    A haircut
    One of Phoebe's bad songs

6. 1995: "The Simpsons" won the prestigious Peabody Award for the '95-96 season. A few years later, 'The New Oxford Dictionary of English' added a word/phrase coined by Homer, which it defined as "used to comment on an action perceived as foolish or stupid." What is the word/phrase?
    Cheese-eating surrender monkeys
    Ay, caramba!
    Eat my shorts

7. 1996: Which top-rated program made its debut this year and featured one of the central characters exclaiming "Holy crap!" when he became excited?
    Spin City
    The Drew Carey Show
    Just Shoot Me
    Everybody Loves Raymond

8. 1997: The Comedy Central animated series "South Park" made it's first appearance this year. One of it's trademark lines concerned the death of a main character in every episode. Complete the phrase the other boys shouted when this happened: "Oh my God, they killed _________! "
    Answer: (First name)

9. 1998: One of the most successful sitcoms of all-time, "Seinfeld" ended its 9 year run in May. While it generated many memorable lines, what did Jerry say every time he encountered his obnoxious neighbor, the chubby postal worker played by Wayne Knight?
    It's shrinkage
    Are you the master of your domain?
    Hello, Newman
    No soup for you!

10. 1999: A game show originating in the UK hit the American airwaves on August 16th with host Regis Philbin. What catchphrase evolved from the show's rule that a contestant had to confirm their response before it would be made official?
    Is that your final answer?
    Are you the weakest link?
    Deal or no deal?
    Would you like to buy a vowel?

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Compiled Jun 28 12