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Good Gravy!

Created by oldstuff28

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Good Gravy game quiz
"We all love sauces and gravy on the food we eat. They are the final touch that can make a meal memorable. I will give you the ingredients of a sauce or gravy and you will give me the name of the sauce. By the end of the quiz, you will be hungry."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which sauce is usually made with butter and flour slowly cooked together (roux), keeping the mixture lightly colored and then hot milk slowly whisked in to get a creamy, white, delicious sauce?
    Bechamel Sauce
    Butter Sauce
    Milk Sauce
    White Sauce

2. If I am using roux (butter and flour) that is cooked to a blond color and hot stock is then whisked in to give me a flavorful sauce that is known under which name?
    Blonde Sauce
    Milk Sauce
    Butter Sauce
    Veloute Sauce

3. Which sauce uses butter for roux (some cooks may use oil) slowly cooked until it is a rich brown color and then adds stock of either traditional veal or chicken?
    Brown Sauce
    Espagnole Sauce
    Oil Sauce
    Brown Gravy

4. If a cook makes Veloute sauce but adds egg yolks and heavy cream to thicken it instead of the milk, which traditional French sauce is this?
    Egg Sauce
    Veloute Plus Sauce
    Allemande Sauce
    Cream Sauce

5. If a cook takes a traditional Espagnole sauce and adds dry red wine that has been reduced with shallots and perhaps some beef marrow, what well-known sauce is this?
    Wine Sauce
    Bordelaise Sauce
    Marrow Sauce
    Spanish Sauce

6. What traditional gravy am I making when I take the drippings from roast turkey, thicken them with flour, add some turkey stock and then add the cooked chopped-up heart and gizzard that came with the turkey?
    Giblet Gravy
    Turkey Gravy
    Brown Gravy
    Christmas Gravy

7. A Southern U.S. cook is frying up a piece of ham for breakfast and when it is removed from the pan, stirs some black coffee into the browned bits at the bottom of the skillet. What is the name of this classic thin gravy that is poured over ham, biscuits, and grits?
    Ham Gravy
    Grits Gravy
    Coffee Gravy
    Red-eye Gravy

8. I am a cook who specializes in making sauces. What am I called?
    Short Order Cook
    Sauce Maker
    Line Cook

9. Even the best cooks do not make this sauce at home; it is rather purchased at the grocery store. It has garlic and vinegar, tamarind and anchovies, onions and spices, etc. There are many dishes that wouldn't be the same without it. What is this kitchen staple?
    Barbecue Sauce
    Soy Sauce
    Worcestershire Sauce
    Hot Sauce

10. What is the traditional fruit sauce that accompanies pork?
    Cranberry Sauce
    Cherry Sauce
    Blueberry Sauce
    Apple Sauce

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Compiled Jun 28 12