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The Compositions of Fredric Francois Chopin

Created by RoyalVishIII

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The Compositions of Fredric Francois Chopin game quiz
"Chopin was one of the greatest pianists ever. This focuses on Chopin's compositions and not his personal life."

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1. What was Chopin's first official composition?
    Mazurka in F# Minor
    Polonaise in B- flat Major
    Rondo in C minor
    Polonaise in C # Minor

2. This Chopin composition has tunes in the middle that are derived from Polish Christmas tunes. Name the piece.
    Scherzo in B Minor Op. 20
    Scherzo in C# Minor Op. 39
    Ballade in A- flat Major Op. 47
    Polonaise in E- flat Minor Op. 26 no. 2

3. True or False: Chopin composed music only for the piano (excluding the concertos and the orchestral pieces).

4. Chopin's Opus 32 was written in what type of musical genre?
    Waltz (Valse)

5. Which of Chopin's Op. 25 Etudes is known as the "Ocean"?
    No. 11
    No. 10
    No. 9
    No. 12

6. Chopin composed this work after seeing the French countryside near Bordeaux, France. What was it?
    Op. 6, no. 1 in F# minor, (Mazurka)
    Op. 10, no. 8 in F major, (Etude)
    Op. 4, in C minor (Sonata)
    Op. 9, no. 2 in E-flat major (Nocturne)

7. To whom are the Op. 10 etudes dedicated?
    Niccolo Paganini
    Franz Liszt
    Eugene Delecroix
    Felix Mendelssohn

8. One of Chopin's waltzes is known as "Doubtful". In what key is it?
    F# Minor
    C major
    C# minor
    B- flat minor

9. Chopin published twelve polonaises during his lifetime. However, how many did he compose in total?

10. Now last, but not least: this wondrous piece was composed during the last three years of Chopin's life, and is well known today. What is the name of this piece?
    Barcarolle in F# major Op. 60
    Ecossaise Op. 72
    Polonaise Fantasie Op. 61
    Polonaises Op. 71

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