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Bizarre World Records II

Created by BillMcC

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : World Records
Bizarre World Records II game quiz
"There are so many weird and wonderful people out there I couldn't resist returning to this topic with a few more manic examples."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Polydactyly is a condition causing an individual to have more fingers or toes than normal. Most of us adding our fingers and toes together get 20 as the answer. Devendra Harne (b. 1995) and Pranamya Menaria (b. 2005) both have the condition. In 2009 they held the record between them for extra digits. If they count the fingers and toes on their hands and feet what total would they come up with?

2. Another totally sane individual decided to try and set a record for balancing a heavy object. In 1999 John Evans balanced what unusual object on his head for 33 seconds?
    Three Washing Machines
    A Baby Elephant
    A Car
    A Telephone Box (kiosk)

3. OK, here's one for everyone who thinks they're fit. In November 2007 Paddy Doyle set a record for push ups. Not ordinary ones, oh no, these were done using the back of the hand. How many do you think he achieved in one hour?

4. This record is a bit odd as it was simply achieved by a large number of people doing the same thing at the same time for a specified amount of time. In this case 10,240 students got together in Shenshen City, China, on 20th September 2003 to do what simultaneously for at least 60 seconds?
    Brush their hair
    Form a conga line
    Brush their teeth

5. The 2nd of August, 2003 saw Billy Baxter set a record of 164.87 mph (265.33 km/h) doing what?
    Human Cannonball
    Roller blading Downhill
    Blindfold Motorcycling
    Downhill Slalom (on one leg)

6. One for the music fans. DJ Carmel J Delia played 1261 recordings of a single artist on the anniversary of their death. The feat lasted 56 hours 30 minutes and included every official recording of this person as well as unofficial recordings and home recordings. Who was being celebrated by such a tribute?
    Elvis Presley
    Buddy Holly
    John Lennon
    Kurt Cobain

7. Thirty-four members of the Lieder Youth Theatre Company did what to establish a record on 26 January 2006 in Australia?
    Line danced on stilts
    Abseiled Sydney Opera House
    Synchronized knitting
    Towed a Jumbo Jet 1 mile

8. This record is another of those where you ask, "Why?". What did Alastair Galpin do on 7 November 2006 to enter the record books?
    Changed 47 babies nappies in 10 minutes
    74 Socks on one foot
    Ran a marathon playing bagpipes non-stop
    Ate a three course meal in five minutes (including crockery & cutlery)

9. Dean Gold of Felixstowe in Suffolk is a man who likes his world records, apparently he holds more than one. This particular feat found him doing what 84 times in 2 minutes?
    Tying Shoelaces
    Licking Postage Stamps
    Cracking Brazil Nuts
    Eating Grapes

10. And finally, in the first bizarre records quiz I asked a question about an airline sick bag collection. Just to maintain the same level of class, a Munich lawyer, Manfred Clauda, also has a strange collection of more than 9400 items. What tickles this guy's fancy?
    Chamber Pots
    Sets of False Teeth
    Glass eyes
    Toilet Seats

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Compiled Sep 24 14