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The Fabulous Kathy Baker

Created by Blindlady-27

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The Fabulous Kathy Baker game quiz
"I have long savored Kathy Baker's performances on television and in film. Most of us have seen her as Dr. Jill Brock in "Picket Fences". See if you can answer these questions about other parts she has played as well as some information about her life."

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1. "Kathy" is a nickname for a longer name, with several variations. Which one belongs to Kathy Baker?

2. One of my favorite shows is "Medium" starring Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois. Kathy Baker played the role of a relative to Joe Dubois (Jake Weber), Allison's husband. Which one?

3. Kathy was raised in the Quaker religion.

4. Kathy Baker was not only active on the small screen, she also had a couple of movie appearances. In what movie cult favorite of the 90s did she play the role of Joyce?
    Edward Scissorhands
    Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
    Jacob's Ladder
    The Big Lebowski

5. After finishing at the University of California Berkeley, Kathy took an interesting career path. Which cooking school did she attend?
    Culinary Institute of America
    The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago
    Cordon Bleu
    Scottsdale Culinary Institute

6. Let's go back to television. Simon Baker is now very famous for his role in "The Mentalist" (2008 to present). He also starred in another show, "The Guardian" (2001-2004). What legal work did Janine McGregor (Kathy Baker) want attorney Nick Fallin (Simon Baker's character)to perform for her?
    to have her missing daugher declared legally dead
    to assist with putting her daughter into a mental institution
    to defend her in a murder trial
    to help her attain legal guardianship for a homeless child

7. In which western state of the United States was Kathy Baker born?
    New Mexico

8. Who could ever forget Kathy Baker's chilling performance as the "Hook Lady" during the 2001-2002 season of "Boston Public"? What was her character's name?
    Lauren Davis
    Marla Hendricks
    Meredith Peters
    Ronnie Cook

9. Kathy has even guest starred on one of my favorite television shows, "Monk"! In which episode did Kathy play a character called Sylvia Fairbourn?

    Mr. Monk Buys a House
    Mr. Monk Goes to Jail
    Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale
    Mr. Monk Goes to a Concert

10. Our Ms. Baker recently played an interesting role on "Saving Grace" (2007 to present). In two episodes, "But There's Clay" and "So What's the Purpose of a Platypus", Kathy (aka Maggie) is involved with one of Grace's "brothers". Which one?

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