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Do the Congo, Part Un!

Created by PDAZ

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Do the Congo Part Un game quiz
"Ever joined a Conga line? Well this quiz isn't about that. Instead, the Revenge of the Llamas' Deputy Gary will be taking us on a tour of the Congo - the Republic of the Congo, that is."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Pilot Deputy Gary is flying us to the Republic of the Congo. He knows the country is in Africa but can't remember where. In which part of the continent is the Republic of the Congo located?
    Southeastern Africa
    Eastern central Africa
    Western central Africa
    Northwestern Africa

2. Pilot Deputy Gary heads towards the capital city of the Republic of the Congo, which he thinks is Dar es Salaam. We tell him that it is Brazzaville, which is located right across the river from the capital city of what other country?
    Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Central African Republic

3. Pilot Deputy Gary is landing in Brazzaville, but he unfortunately misses the runway and lands in a field where the Republic of the Congo's main export product is being produced. Where has he landed?
    A papaya plantation
    A trout fishery
    A llama farm
    An oil field

4. Pilot Deputy Gary moves the plane to the airport and now puts on his Tour Guide hat. He says he will take us to see the Republic of the Congo's border with the Red Sea. We inform him that the country actually borders which body of water?
    The Indian Ocean
    Mozambique Channel
    Mediterranean Sea
    The Atlantic Ocean

5. Tour Guide Deputy Gary tells us that the Republic of the Congo is bordered by five countries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, Gabon, Cameroon and Canada. We disagree with the last choice and tell him that it is which country?

6. Tour Guide Deputy Gary states that he is taking us to see the following four rivers in the Republic of the Congo, but we know that we will only see three. Which river does NOT flow in or along the Republic of the Congo?
    The Congo
    The Niger
    The Kouilou
    The Ubangi

7. We ask Tour Guide Deputy Gary how big the Republic of the Congo is. He claims it is the size of Liechtenstein. We are skeptical and look it up in our traveler's guide to find that it is approximately the size of which European country?

8. On the next day, Tour Guide Deputy Gary tells us that we'll be visiting the famous sand dunes in the north of the Republic of the Congo. We doubt we'll see many sand dunes, however, because the northern area mainly consists of which type of terrain?
    Tropical jungles
    Golf courses
    Coastal plains
    Grassy plateaus

9. On our last day in the Republic of the Congo, Tour Guide Deputy Gary says that we are going to see the Grand Canyon. We tell him that the canyon is located in Arizona, but after referring to our traveler's guide, we realize he means an area that is called the "Grand Canyon of the Congo". Which site is it?
    Diosso Gorges
    Columbia Gorge
    Cheddar Gorge
    Three Gorges

10. After finishing our tour of the Republic of the Congo, we are headed back to the airport when suddenly our vehicle is subjected to the most common type of natural disaster to hit the country. Thanks to the driving skills of Tour Guide Deputy Gary, we are able to survive which hazard?
    Chuck Norris impersonators
    An earthquake
    Seasonal Flooding
    Dust storms

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Compiled Jun 28 12