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Not In The U.S.A.

Created by shipyardbernie

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Not In The USA game quiz
"All of the UK artists from the '50s and '60s in this quiz never had any hits on the US chart. Can you guess the artist or song. UK:The Guinness book of British Hit Singles & Albums. US:Joel Whitburn book of Top Pop Singles 1955-2002."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Billy Fury had numerous UK chart entries but never had a number one hit. Which of his hits reached the highest position at number two?
    Like I've Never Been Gone
    Halfway To Paradise
    When Will You Say I Love You

2. Craig Douglas had these four consecutive number nine UK chart hits in the early '60's. Which one of them was the last of the four and his last top ten hit?
    A Hundred Pounds Of Clay
    When My Little Girl Is Smiling
    Our Favourite Melodies

3. Johnny Kidd and The Pirates had two UK top ten hits, one went to number one but what was the title of the other one that reached number four?
    Always And Ever
    Shakin' All Over
    I'll Never Get Over You
    Hungry For Love

4. "Johnny Remember Me" was John Leyton's first UK hit and number one but what was his only other top ten entry called?
    Cupboard Love
    Son This Is She
    Wild Wind
    Lonely City

5. Eden Kane had five UK chart entries from 1961 to 1964, all top ten hits. Which one of them reached number one?
    Boys Cry
    Get Lost
    Well I Ask You
    Forget Me Not

6. The Shadows had five UK number one hits between 1960 and 1963, what was their last number one called?
    Foot Tapper
    Wonderful Land
    Dance On

7. Ex Shadows Jet Harris and Tony Meehan had three UK top ten hits as a duo in 1963. Which one was their only number one?
    Scarlett O'hara

8. The Pretty Things had seven UK chart hits in the '60's but only one top ten hit. Which one of these was it?
    Midnight To Six Man
    Honey I Need
    Don't Bring Me Down

9. The Rockin' Berries had six UK chart hits in the '60's, only two made it to the top ten. Which one reached the highest on the chart?
    Poor Man's Son
    You're My Girl
    What In The World's Come Over You
    He's In Town

10. Chris Farlowe had six UK chart hits in the '60's, only one of them reached the top 20 and went all the way to number one. What was the name of that single?
    Handbags And Gladrags
    Out Of Time
    Ride On Baby

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Compiled Jun 28 12