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'The Gruffalo's Child' and the Big Bad Mouse

Created by dsimpy

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The Gruffalos Child and the Big Bad Mouse game quiz
"The Gruffalo has had a daughter since his first encounter with the little brown mouse, a long long time ago. In this sequel to 'The Gruffalo', by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, 'The Gruffalo's Child' learns just how frightening this mouse is!"

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1. What did the Gruffalo tell the Gruffalo's Child no gruffalo should do?
    Ever set foot in the deep dark wood
    Go for tea to a logpile house
    Tiptoe out of the gruffalo cave
    Forget to wipe her gruffalo nose

2. What did the Gruffalo say would happen if the Gruffalo's Child disobeyed the rule?
    She'd be swooped on by the owl
    The Big Bad Mouse would be after her
    The fox would out-fox her
    She'd be swallowed by the snake

3. What very 'hot' thing did the Gruffalo say the Big Bad Mouse's eyes looked like?
    Caverns of darkness
    Black and beady
    Whirling tornadoes
    Pools of terrible fire

4. Why did the Gruffalo's Child go into the woods one snowy night?
    She wanted to look for food
    The Gruffalo told her to go
    She heard a sound outside
    She was feeling bored and brave

5. Whose slithery tail did the Gruffalo's Child see poking out of the logpile house?
    The Big Bad Mouse
    Another gruffalo's tail
    A fox
    A snake

6. Whose large round eyes did the Gruffalo's Child see gleaming out of a treetop house?
    The Big Bad Mouse
    A badger
    A squirrel
    An owl

7. What worrying thing did the owl tell the Gruffalo's Child that the mouse was doing nearby?
    Gathering nuts
    Clearing snow from his house
    Sleeping and snoring
    Eating gruffalo pie

8. When the 'hungry' Gruffalo's Child spotted the little brown mouse - not the Big Bad Mouse she was expecting! - what did she say she would do?
    Run home and not come back
    Make a midnight feast of him
    Pelt him with snowballs
    Play hide-and-seek with him

9. What did the little brown mouse do to frighten the Gruffalo's Child?
    Climbed a tree to cast a huge shadow in the moonlight
    Covered himself all over in snow
    Shouted "look out, there's a gruffalo coming!"
    Pulled a scary face

10. Finally, the mouse followed the footprints of the Gruffalo's Child back to a cave. What did he see there?
    The Gruffalo's Child asleep beside the snoring Gruffalo
    A dishful of scrambled snake
    A big basket of nuts
    A carton of owl ice cream

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Compiled Jun 28 12