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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Created by F6FHellcat

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Irving, Washington
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow game quiz
"Everyone knows Washington Irving's classic "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", or do they? This quiz will test how well you know this classic short story."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who is said to have recorded the story but not to have printed it?
    Washington Irving
    Diedrich Knickerbocker
    Geoffrey Crayon
    Tom Walker

2. What is the given name of Brom Bones?
    Peter Styvesant
    Brom Van Brunt
    Abraham Van Brunt
    Don Cossacks

3. This man was the executor of Ichabod Crane's estate after the school teacher disappeared. In addition to this position, he was also a farmer and the man who loaned Crane his mount for the fateful evening on which he vanished. He can also be said to be somewhat of a book burner. What was his name?
    Hans Van Ripper
    Nicholaus Vedder
    Doffue Martling
    Dominie Van Schaick

4. What was the name of the horse lent to Ichabod by Hans Van Ripper?
    Answer: (One word, widely believed to have been invented by the Chinese)

5. When she is introduced, Katrina Van Tassel is said to be both "a blooming lass of fresh eighteen" and someone for whom "the flutter of expectation heightened the luster of her charms".

6. From what New England state does Ichabod hail?
    New Hampshire
    Rhode Island

7. Which of these is not used to describe Ichabod Crane?
    "Being as dexterous on horseback as a Tartar"
    "An odd mixture of small shrewdness and simple credulity"
    "Feet that might have served for shovels"
    "Prided himself upon his dancing as much as upon his vocal powers"

8. Who rode with the Headless Horseman only to have the spook throw him into the brook upon reaching the church bridge?
    Major Andre
    Brom Bones
    Old Brouwer
    Ichabod Crane

9. According to an old farmer who had visited New York, who had become a lawyer, a politician, and a small claims court justice?
    Abraham Van Brunt
    Ichabod Crane
    Hans Van Ripper
    Doffue Martling

10. How many siblings did Katrina have?

11. What is the name given to Brom's favorite steed?
    Answer: (One word, has the same name as a blind superhero)

12. What is the significance of the church bridge, according to the tales of old Brouwer and Brom Bones?
    The Headless Horsemen was actually born on the bridge
    It's the most haunted spot in the whole area
    It's here that the Headless Horseman always disappears
    It's where the Headless Horseman lost his head

13. Which of these is given as a reason for the "drowsy, dreamy influence" in the valley where Sleepy Hollow is found?
    Bewitched by a high German doctor
    It's the spot where witches hold their sabbath
    Cursed by Henry Hudson
    It was hexed by the schoolmaseter Van Bummel

14. Which of these is not a place Ichabod imagines moving to with Katrina?
    Lord knows where

15. Who invited Ichabod Crane to the party on the night he vanished?
    Katrina Van Tassel
    Doffue Martling
    Yost Van Houten
    Baltus Van Tassel

16. What saint is Ichabod compared to?
    Saint Hubert
    Saint Thomas Aquinas
    Saint John of Capistrano
    Saint Vitus

17. What did Katrina say to Ichabod that left him as dismal as the hour he left the Van Tassels?
    She was going to marry Brom
    Her father had arranged for her to marry someone else
    She could never love a schoolmaster
    We don't know

18. At what American Revolutionary War battle did the Headless Horseman lose his head?
    Battle of Cobbleskill
    Battle of Pell's Point
    Some nameless battle
    Battle of Stony Point

19. Who was Ichabod's favorite author?
    Nathaniel Hawthorne
    Jonathan Oldstyle
    Silence Dogood
    Cotton Mather

20. What is another name given for the Headless Horseman?
    Old Spook of Spooks
    Hessian Prince
    Ghastly Hessian
    Galloping Hessian

21. What is the only thing Ichabod actually says during the whole story?
    "In linked sweetness long drawn out."
    "If I can but reach the bridge I am safe."
    "Who are you?"
    "Spare the rod and spoil the child."

22. Who is Yost Van Houten?
    The architect of the school house
    Sleepy Hollow's Blacksmith
    An eel fisherman
    There is no Yost Van Houten

23. What was Ichabod's weapon against evil spirits when he had to walk to the family with whom he was boarding after nightfall?
    Brandish a crucifix
    Hold up a lantern
    Sing psalm tunes

24. What was found to mark the spot where Ichabod vanished?
    Hans Van Ripper's saddle
    His hat and a shattered pumpkin

25. Who is implied to have been the actual cause of Ichabod's disappearance?
    Brom Dutcher
    Major Andre
    Brom Bones
    Doffue Martling

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