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Mickey's Christmas Carol

Created by Czolgolz

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Kids and Animated Mixture
Mickeys Christmas Carol game quiz
"How well do you know this 1983 Disney Christmas short?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Though Mickey Mouse is the title character, he's not actually the main character. Who is the movie really about?
    Scrooge McDuck
    Donald Duck

2. Mickey plays Bob Cratchit, Scrooge's put-upon clerk. In addition to a freezing office, low wages, and a tyranical boss, what other indignity must Mickey face?
    He has to pay for the office supplies he uses.
    He must do Scrooge's personal shopping.
    He has to mop the office.
    He has to do Scrooge's laundry.

3. Who plays the Ghost(s) of Christmas Past?
    The Blue Fairy ('Pinocchio')
    Huey, Dewey and Louie
    The Fairy Godmother ('Cinderella')
    Jiminy Cricket

4. Who plays Marley's ghost?
    Donald Duck
    The Sheriff of Nottingham ('Robin Hood')

5. Who plays Mr. Fezziwig, Scrooge's former boss?
    Geppetto ('Pinocchio')
    Mr. Toad ('The Wind in the Willows')
    A guy who looks a lot like Walt Disney
    Horace Horsecollar

6. The most painful of Scrooge's memories is of the girl he almost married, but abandoned. What is her name?
    Mary Beth

7. Who plays the Ghost of Christmas Present?
    Pecos Bill
    Willie the Giant ('Mickey and the Beanstalk')
    Br'er Bear ('Song of the South')
    Friar Tuck ('Robin Hood')

8. Who plays the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?
    Kaa (the python from 'The Jungle Book')
    His face is never shown
    The Big Bad Wolf

9. When Scrooge awakens on Christmas Day, he realizes he's been given another chance. When he meets the collectors for the poor on the street, he practically bowls them over with piles of gold coins. Who else does he surpise with his radical change in behavior?
    His housekeeper
    His nephew, Fred
    His old boss, Mr. Fezziwig
    The beggars in the alley

10. Scrooge then shows up at the Cratchit house. At first, he pretends to be dropping off more laundry, but soon proves he's a new duck: he's brought the family food, presents, and has raised Bob's salary. As with every Christmas Carol movie, Tiny Tim speaks which closing line?
    "This is the true spirit of Christmas."
    "Happy Christmas, one and all!"
    "God bless us, every one!"
    "It's a miracle! A miracle!"

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Compiled Jun 28 12