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The McGrath Foundation

Created by lones78

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The McGrath Foundation game quiz
"Jane McGrath and her husband Glenn established the McGrath Foundation in order to provide support for breast cancer sufferers throughout Australia. Learn more about this remarkable woman and the work of the McGrath Foundation."

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1. After meeting her future husband (and famous Australian sportsman, Glenn McGrath), Jane Steele moved to Australia from England. Which sport did Glenn McGrath play at an international level?
    Rugby Union

2. In 1997, Jane McGrath was diagnosed with which disease?
    Breast cancer
    Colon cancer

3. In which year did Jane and Glenn establish the McGrath Foundation?

4. Jane's wish with the McGrath Foundation was to provide something for all Australian families dealing with breast cancer. What was it that Jane wanted to provide?
    Breast care nurses
    Total removal of breast tissue for all Australian women
    A cure for breast cancer
    More qualified oncologists in Australia

5. Jane McGrath died in June, 2008. How old was Jane when she passed away?

6. January 2009 saw cricket in Australia turn pink. As a tribute to Jane McGrath and in support of the McGrath Foundation, certain items around the Sydney Cricket Ground were pink. Which of the following were NOT pink?
    The pitch
    Wickets & bales
    Bat grips
    Logos on the player's shirts

7. 2009 saw the first pink V8 supercar racing team (in Australia). Which race, the biggest on the Australian calendar, was the first for Team McGrath?
    Clipsal 500 (Adelaide)
    Norton 360 Sandown Challenge
    L&H 500 Phillip Island
    Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000

8. The McGrath Foundation encourages women of all ages check their breasts regularly and become 'Breast Aware'. Upon finding changes in the breast, what is the recommended course of action?
    Panic and go straight to the nearest hospital for surgery
    Don't panic and see a doctor immediately
    Ignore it as any change is 'hormonal' and will go away with time
    Discuss any changes with friends and see doctor about it when you can spare the time

9. Which of the following is NOT a major role of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse?
    Providing treatment to the sufferer
    Clarifying technical information and liaising between patient and doctor
    Providing emotional support to the breast cancer sufferer and their family
    Managing the care of the breast cancer sufferer

10. Which of these is NOT a way an AVERAGE person can help the McGrath Foundation?
    Donate time or money to the Foundation
    Hosting a community event
    Make a bequest in a will
    Become an oncologist or surgeon

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