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Chretien de Troyes' "Lancelot"

Created by Eruditio

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Chretien de Troyes Lancelot game quiz
"Have you ever had a hard time winning someone's affection? I mean a REALLY hard time? You risked your life and reputation multiple times, and still you couldn't catch a break? Well, one poor guy did all that, once upon a time..."

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1. According to Chretien de Troyes, in "Lancelot", who exactly was Sir Lancelot du Lac?
    Son of an obscure knight.
    King Arthur's nephew.
    This story does not say.
    Son of the Lady of the Lake.

2. How did Queen Guinevere come to be taken from Arthur's court?
    She was out a-Maying with her ladies, and a strange knight rode off with her.
    She was transported by magic to another kingdom.
    She eloped with a strange knight.
    Kay lost her in a challenge from a strange knight.

3. What was the name of the knight who had abducted Guinevere?
    King Ban

4. From whom did Lancelot get the first clue to where the queen was being held?
    a wise hermit
    a fearful hag
    a mean dwarf

5. Why was it shameful for Lancelot to ride in a cart such as that which carried him in search of the queen?
    Because such carts were usually used to display criminals on their way to punishment.
    Because the cart was very small and made a tall knight look ridiculous.
    Because a knight should be able to ride his own horse.
    Because Lancelot had taken a vow to go everywhere on foot until he had rescued the queen.

6. What did Lancelot do immediately upon learning that a comb with a few golden hairs in it had belonged to Queen Guinevere?
    He searched for other clues that might tell him which way the queen had gone.
    He swooned in the presence of things belonging to his love.
    He put it away next to his heart, so that he might return it to the queen.
    He dashed off in pursuit of the queen and the villain.

7. There were two ways for Lancelot to enter King Bademagu's kingdom to rescue the queen. Which path did he choose?
    A bridge so narrow that it was like crossing on the edge of a sharp sword.
    A misty swamp so deadly that it poisoned travelers.
    A bridge only 1.5 feet wide and thick, and underwater.
    A wood filled with animals so fierce that they could tear a knight's limbs off, even through armor.

8. When Lancelot finally found the villain, he challenged the evil knight to single combat for the queen. Although Lancelot was a doughty fighter, he had a big problem trying to win the contest. What did he need to do in order to win?
    He had to disarm his opponent, who wielded an invincible sword.
    He had to outwit an evil magician, who was trying to confuse his mind.
    He had to avoid the traps his enemy had previously laid out on the battleground.
    He had to keep Guinevere in his sight at all times.

9. Lancelot had emerged victorious! Now he could bring Guinevere safely back to Arthur's court, to the great increase of his fame and reputation (and perhaps the queen's regard for him)! But alas, she would not even speak to him now! Why ever not?
    He had hesitated before entering the cart.
    She was in love with her kidnapper, and hated Lancelot for defeating him.
    She did not want to seem to be too lightly won.
    He had entered the cart, and was now marked as a criminal, therefore unworthy of her.

10. Did Lancelot commit adultery with the queen in this version of his story?
    Yes, and they were caught in the act and sentenced to death.
    No: the story was much simpler and more innocent in the twelfth century.
    Yes, but they begged for and received forgiveness.
    Yes, and they were found out, but managed to throw off suspicion.

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