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Elizabeth, The Queen Mother

Created by lilibet81

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Elizabeth The Queen Mother game quiz
"This is a quiz about Queen Elizabeth, consort of King George VI and mother of Queen Elizabeth II."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What name was given to the Queen Mother at birth?
    Cecilia Elizabeth Pauline Bowes-Lyon
    Elizabeth Claudia Bowes-Lyon
    Rose Elizabeth Mary Bowes-Lyon
    Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon

2. What title was held by Elizabeth's parents?
    The Earl and Countess of Strathmore
    The Earl and Countess of Rutland
    The Duke and Duchess or Beaufort
    Lord and Lady Bruce

3. Although Glamis Castle was the family's ancestral Scottish home, it was used only in the summer. Where was she brought up during the year?
    Glamis Castle
    St. Paul's Waldenbury
    Hamilton Gardens, London
    Buckingham Palace

4. The Queen mother was one of 10 children. How many brothers and sisters did she have?
    Six brothers and 3 sisters
    Five brothers and five sisters
    Seven brothers and 3 sisters
    Four brothers and six sisters

5. During World War I, where was she a nursing assistant for wounded soldiers?

    Glamis Castle
    St. Paul's Waldenbury
    St. George's Hospital
    St. Bartholomew's Hospital

6. Where did Lady Elizabeth first meet her future husband?
    At a children's party
    At her coming out party
    At a dance in 1920
    At the Duke of Kent's wedding

7. At which royal wedding was Elizabeth chosen to be a bridesmaid?
    Princess Alice of Athlone
    Princess Mary, Princess Royal
    Lady Diana Cooper
    Lady Diamond Hardinge

8. Where were Prince Albert and Lady Elizabeth married?
    Westminster Abbey
    St. George's Chapel, Windsor
    St. Paul's Cathedral
    Caxton Hall

9. Where did she, the King and two Princesses spend World War II?
    In England
    In Scotland
    In Canada
    In Wales

10. At the time of her death how old was the Queen Mother?
    98 years old
    101 years old
    99 years old
    102 years old

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Compiled Jun 28 12