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Over a Hundred Years of Laughter

Created by AlOpeesha

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Over a Hundred Years of Laughter game quiz
"This quiz is a light-hearted look at light-entertainment over the last 100 years and should not be taken seriously, though the answers have been scrupulously researched by asking my auntie Ethel."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who is credited with being a 'well-known spelling mistake'?
    Tony Bliar
    Mr Hilter
    Spine Milligna

2. Whose party-piece was to leap backwards from a standing start, unaided, on to a mantelpiece, even in his/her 70's?
    Elizabeth Fry
    Tuck de Friar
    Stephen Fry
    C B Fry

3. What is the name of the irritating shipboard computer on the Heart Of Gold?

    Kray 42
    Big Blue

4. What was the name of the giant hedgehog that followed one of the Piranha Brothers?
    Spiny Norman
    Horrible Henry

5. Who clubbed himself unconscious during the "Upper-class twit of the year" contest?

    Gervaise Brook-Hampster
    Simon Zinc-Trumpet-Harris
    Nigel Incubator-Jones

6. Who was the 'Darling of Roper's Light Horse'?
    Jane Austen
    Desert Orchid
    Minnie Bannister
    Queen Victoria

7. Which radio comedy antidote to panel games needed an Old-Etonian, trumpet-playing ex-guardsman to keep the panelists in order?
    Just a Minute.
    Prime-Ministers Question Time.
    The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.
    I'm sorry I haven't a clue.

8. Ying tong iddle I... What is the missing word?
    Tinky Winky
    Laa laa

9. How did the First Mate know there were four stowaways at the start of the very funny Marx Brothers film "Monkey Business"?
    He'd read the script.
    There were four breakfasts missing.
    They were singing Sweet Adeline.
    There were four barrels round a campfire in the hold.

10. With which group did 'Bill Bailey' first come to public notice?

    Polythene Popes
    Plastic Prelates
    Rubber Bishops
    Velcro Vicars

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Compiled Jun 28 12