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1972 Cup Winners Cup Final

Created by rfcneil

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1972 Cup Winners Cup Final game quiz
"In 1972, Rangers won the Cup Winners' Cup by beating Dynamo Moscow of the Soviet Union. It was the first European trophy that Rangers had ever won. This quiz will look at various aspects of that final."

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1. In which stadium was the final played at?
    The Estadio Mestalla
    Santiago Bernabeu
    The Nou Camp
    The Vicente Calderon

2. Which player scored two goals for Rangers in the final?
    Willie Johnston
    Alex MacDonald
    Colin Stein
    Alfie Conn

3. In the final, what was the full time score?
    Rangers won in a penalty shootout after a 3-3 draw
    3-1 to Rangers
    3-2 to Rangers
    3-0 to Rangers

4. Why wasn't the trophy presented on the pitch?
    The weather was too bad
    Some Rangers fans ran on to the pitch in delight after the full time whistle
    There was a chance that the Rangers players could be attacked by the Dynamo Moscow fans
    The stadium was surrounded by Spanish rebels

5. How many Scots were in the starting line up for Rangers?

6. Who was the manager of Rangers when they beat Dynamo Moscow?
    William Wilton
    Scott Symon
    Willie Waddell
    Bill Struth

7. Who was the Rangers captain for the final?
    Sandy Jardine
    Peter McCloy
    Derek Johnston
    John Greig

8. How many substitutions were made by Rangers?

9. Was the 1972 Cup Winners' Cup final, the first Cup Winners' final Rangers had appeared in?

10. When was the next time that Rangers appeared in a major European Cup final?

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