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I met Sherlock Holmes While Going to The Bank

Created by Aslan111

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Doyle, Arthur Conan
I met Sherlock Holmes While Going to The Bank game quiz
"This quiz will test your overall knowledge about Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. Hope you enjoy."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When you wake up in the morning, to your surprise you are in need of money. While walking to the bank you hear a man screaming at the top of his voice, "Important government plans leaked". Which of the following Sherlock Holmes books is not an example for the above incident?
    The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans
    The Adventure of the Mazarine Stone
    The Adventure of the Naval Treaty
    The Adventure of the Second Stain

2. You walk up and join the queue at the bank. You notice an old woman whom you know standing in front of you. A young man is talking to her. You move closer and try to listen... "When I was in America I met a millionaire. He asked me to find three people named 'Round'. If I do so, we all inherit five million dollars." Which Sherlock Holmes story runs on the same lines?
    The Adventure of the Three Gables
    The Adventure of the Three Gariddebs
    The Adventure of the Three Students
    The Adventure of the Three Broken Threads

3. You walk to the counter and ask for the required amount of money. You hear the accountant talking about counterfeit money. Which of the following men is the best counterfeiter Sherlock Holmes came upon?
    Jabez Wilson
    Neil Gibson
    Roger Presbury
    Godfrey Staunton

4. When you walk out of the bank, you see people huddled around something. You get a closer look. A man is lying on the ground, dead, with a card bearing the initials VV and the number 341 upon his chest. The police suspects four crooks. Who could have done it?
    Baron Gruner
    Ted Baldwin
    Johnathan Small
    Killer Evans

5. As you stare at the dead man, you hear a woman telling the policeman what she had seen. Who is the person Sherlock Holmes identified as "The Woman"?
    Mary Morstan
    Irene Adler
    Porky Shinwell
    Violet de Merville

6. The police go over the card with the initials VV and the number 341. The police are having some difficulties, would you like to help them? What does VV stand for?
    Valley Victoria
    Victoria Valley
    Vermissa Valley
    Violet Violaters

7. As you stand in front of the dead man, the brother of the man approaches the crowd. Speaking of brothers, who is the brother of Sherlock Holmes?
    Mycroft Holmes
    David Holmes
    George Holmes
    Scott Holmes

8. A cop is explaining to how the murderous attack had been carried out. Do you know a man who carried out an attack against Sherlock Holmes?
    Killer Evans
    Baron Gruner
    Shinwell Johnson
    Inspector Lestrade

9. You finally break put of the crowd and head for home. You wonder if you yourself will be murdered some day. Well, you don't have any enemies. Or do you? Who was the biggest enemy of Sherlock Holmes?
    Charles Augustus Milverton
    Black Peter
    Professor Moriarty

10. You enter the house and then only remember that you had a letter to post. If you had to send Sherlock Holmes a letter, what would his address be?
    42/3, 2nd Lane
    No.221/B, Baker Street
    No.4, Private Drive
    No. 378, Main Street

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Compiled Jun 28 12