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You'll Never Play Trivia in This Town Again!

Created by glendathecat

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Youll Never Play Trivia in This Town Again game quiz
"aka "I'm Sure I Parked that Town Somewhere Round Here" or "It's not You - It's Me". This quiz is all about places that have been and gone and are no longer. It comes to you courtesy of an Author Challenge by Amanda77586."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You'll never play trivia in Pompeii again - unless you enjoy competing against petrified museum exhibits. The town was famously covered by volcanic ash and pumice after an eruption of Mount Vesuvius. In which year did this occur?
    347 BC
    1961 AD
    1189 AD
    79 AD

2. You'll never play trivia in Prypiat again - at least not without a big suit and a Geiger counter. Why was this town abandoned with dangerously high levels of radioactivity?
    It was the site of a nuclear test in 1956.
    It is the town that supported the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
    It was hit by an unpublicised third nuclear bomb in 1945.
    It was declared unsafe due to a radioactive meteorite falling on the town.

3. You'll never play trivia in Jamestown again, even though it was once the capital of an American state. Which state (or, to be more precise, colony) moved its capital from Jamestown to Williamsburg in 1699?
    South Dakota
    North Carolina

4. You'll never play trivia in Varosha again - at least, not for the foreseeable future. In 1974, this was one of Europe's leading tourist destinations. Today it is deserted and left as a museum piece. What caused this change?
    An oil spillage polluted the coastline
    The arrival of man-eating sharks
    The Turkish invasion of Cyprus
    The locals had enough of tourists

5. You'll never play trivia in Dunwich again. In medieval times, this was a thriving town on the East coast of England but now lies under water, for which of the following reasons?
    The creation of a reservoir
    Coastal erosion
    It rains a lot in England
    Lord Anglia bought the land and wanted to look out on a lake from his stately home

6. You'll never play trivia in Kolmanskop again. This Namibian town boasted an impressive infrastructure that included a hospital with the first X-Ray machine in the Southern Hemisphere, yet it was born and died in just fifty years. On which activity was it founded?
    Llama farming
    Arms manufacture

7. You'll never play trivia in Iram again. This town survived until the third century AD and is mentioned in the Koran but now lies buried under desert sand. How was it rediscovered in recent years?
    Through the use of satellite imagery
    A clairvoyant dreamt of its location
    A massive sandstorm blew the sand away
    Islamic scholars pieced together clues from the Koran's references

8. You'll never play trivia in Oradour-sur-Glane again. This village in France was abandoned in June 1944. For what reason?
    There was an outbreak of plague.
    The inhabitants were abducted by aliens.
    It was bought by a Texan millionaire and transported to America.
    It was the site of a Nazi atrocity.

9. You'll never play trivia at the San Zhi pod resort again. Construction on this site began in the early 1980s but was stopped before completion, never to resume. In which country would you find this futuristic ghost village?
    New Zealand

10. You'll never play trivia at Ferdinandea again - although ... Ferdinandea isn't a town and you might be lucky enough to play there if you're prepared to wait. What is Ferdinandea?
    I can't tell you because it's top secret but due to be declassified next year.
    A submerged volcanic island in the Mediterranean sea that occasionally reappears above the surface.
    The only known nesting site of the greater enduring mikejamillon
    A playground for the super-rich in Manhattan soon to be opened to tourists

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Compiled Sep 23 12