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Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men?

Created by guitargoddess

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Peace on Earth Good Will to Men game quiz
"This quiz is all about wartime Christmases during the 20th century, including examples from WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. In some cases, the spirit of good will toward men was remembered, in some it was not."

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1. When the First World War broke out in the summer of 1914, most of the British Empire thought it would be over by Christmas. It wasn't, of course, and many men had to spend their Christmas at the front that year, instead of at home with families. They did get Christmas presents, though. Every soldier and sailor fighting on behalf of the British Empire received a Christmas postcard from the King, and a gift box from whom?
    Princess Mary
    Queen Mother
    David Lloyd George
    Woodrow Wilson

2. The tale of the 1914 Christmas 'Truce' on the front is a popular, somewhat idealized, heartwarming story of peace in a time of war. The story generally goes that the 'Truce' began with German soldiers singing which carol?
    Away in a Manger
    O Tannenbaum
    Stille Nacht
    Jingle Bells

3. How long did the 1914 Christmas 'Truce' last?
    24 hours
    It varied greatly at different parts of the front line
    Two days
    One week

4. At the beginning of the Pacific War in 1941, a Crown colony was attacked on 8 December. A small contingent of Canadian defenders held on for a little more than two weeks, but they eventually had to surrender. Which colony was surrendered to Japan on Christmas Day, 1941?
    Hong Kong
    New Zealand

5. For most Germans, Christmas has traditionally been a very important holiday of the year. That did not change during wartime. Christmas 1942, however, was one of the worst German soldiers would experience. The Sixth Army found themselves trapped but managed to celebrate Christmas anyway, shortly before they were all lost in the New Year. Where did this take place?

6. Was WWII rationing in Britain lifted for the Christmas season?

7. During the Korean War, what were American troops noted for doing at Christmas time?
    Getting drunk
    Visiting orphanages
    Carrying out large offensives

8. Though nowadays it is often regarded as just another Christmas song played at the mall every year, John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" was meant to be a protest song; what were they protesting?
    Berlin Blockade
    Bay of Pigs

9. Who performed Christmas shows for the American troops in Vietnam, including two from 1970 and 1971 that were aired on television?
    Lee Majors
    Bob Hope
    Marlon Brando
    Clint Eastwood

10. The US Air Force spent the Christmas season of 1972 destroying North Vietnam from the air. What was the official name of the campaign known as the Christmas Bombings?
    Operation Steel Tiger
    Operation Niagara
    Operation Linebacker II
    Ho Chi Minh Campaign

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