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No. 1 Hits of the 70s Vol.13

Created by fredsixties

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No 1 Hits of the 70s Vol13 game quiz
"This is the next entry in the 1970s series which highlights song that were number one on the U.S. Billboard charts during the decade. You may need to give the title or the artist. There may be clues to help you along. Good luck."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. It took four tries to make a hit of the song "(They Long to Be) Close to You". Who finally succeeded in 1970?
    Burt Bacharach
    Richard Chamberlain
    Dionne Warwick
    The Carpenters

2. A conglomeration of snippets got Paul McCartney a number one tune in 1971. What relatively seafaring tune was this?
    Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
    Yellow Submarine
    B Side to Seaside

3. Gilbert O'Sullivan topped the charts with "Alone Again (Naturally)" in 1972. From what country does he hail?
    United States

4. "The Morning After" was a 1973 hit for Maureen McGovern. It also was used as a theme for a successful motion picture of that time. What movie was it?
    The Other Side of The Mountain
    Mean Streets
    The Poseidon Adventure

5. "News Flash", "Action Reporter", "Don't Look Ethel", "Mooned", Ray Stevens, 1974.
    Answer: (Two Words (Use "The"))

6. Minnie Riperton, who got "Lovin' You" to the top of the charts in 1975, has a famous daughter who spent a number of years on a very popular late night television show in the U.S. Can you name the daughter?
    Maya Rudolph
    Jan Hooks
    Jennifer Lopez
    Danitra VanceM

7. What kind of "fever" did The Sylvers sing about in 1976?

8. Allen Toussaint, a very influential figure in New Orleans R&B music, wrote this tune, which eventually found its way to Glen Campbell and reached number one in 1977. What song was it?
    Southern Nights
    Don't Pull Your Love
    Amazing Grace

9. What's the name of the group that asked us all to "Boogie Oogie Oogie" in 1978?
    Silver Convention
    The Hues Corporation
    A Taste of Honey
    Wild Cherry

10. 1979 signalled the end of the decade, and disco was still pretty popular. What was the name of the group that gave us "Good Times" that year?
    Love Unlimited Orchestra
    De la Soul
    The Blackbyrds

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