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The Characters of 'Ugly Betty'

Created by jonnowales

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The Characters of Ugly Betty game quiz
"'Ugly Betty' is a marvelous TV drama that centres around the fashion magazine, "Mode", and the lives of people who work at the company that produces the magazine. I hope you enjoy this look at the characters of the show!"

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1. Fresh out of a New York college, the central character of 'Ugly Betty', scooped a job at the fashion magazine "Mode". This unlikely career path for a 'plain' looking Hispanic girl called Betty turns out to be a life changing experience. What is Betty's surname?

2. Many of the issues brought up in the TV show 'Ugly Betty' involve family especially the family of the central character, Betty. What is the name of Betty's rather flamboyant nephew who is just as interested in fashion and "Mode" magazine, if not more so, than Betty herself?

3. Throughout the many series of 'Ugly Betty', the title character can almost always rely on the support of her family and that includes her older sister. What is the name of Betty's older sister who opened up a beauty salon in her own home?

4. Throughout the many series of 'Ugly Betty', the title character moves in and out of her father's house with desires of independence in the big city followed by a despondent return home. Betty's father, Ignacio, had which of the following passions?

5. The main character of 'Ugly Betty' was for a long time the assistant to the Editor-in-chief of "Mode" magazine. What was the name of this editor who relied on Betty for much more than administrative help?
    Matt Hartley
    Daniel Meade
    Marc St. James
    Connor Owens

6. The TV show 'Ugly Betty' had its fair share of amusing characters and one such character was the receptionist at "Mode" magazine. What was the name of the materialistic receptionist who had very expensive taste with a low budget?
    Amanda Tanen
    Kimmie Keegan
    Christine McKinney
    Jodi Papadakis

7. It isn't always the case that there is just one Editor-in-chief at "Mode" magazine. Which of the following 'Ugly Betty' characters, known for her cutting remarks and diva attitude, was an Editor-in-chief of the magazine at some point?
    Christina McKinney
    Kimmie Keegan
    Amanda Tanen
    Wilhelmina Slater

8. Every magazine editor needs an assistant and this was the case in the fictional world of "Mode" magazine. Which of the following 'Ugly Betty' characters was a long-standing assistant to an Editor-in-chief of "Mode"?
    Henry Grubstick
    Connor Owens
    Marc St. James
    Matt Hartley

9. Betty has had plenty of love interests over the many series of 'Ugly Betty' and this includes her short relationship in series three with the son of a very wealthy man. What was the name of this love interest who would eventually outrank Betty at "Mode"?
    Henry Grubstick
    Connor Owens
    Archie Rodriguez
    Matt Hartley

10. Even though 'Ugly Betty' is predominantly about the main characters and their involvement with "Mode" magazine, there are a number of other characters that make the show what it is! Suzuki St. Pierre, played by Alec Mapa, was the presenter of an entertainment show that frequently featured the scandals and successes of "Mode". However, is Suzuki St. Pierre the presenter's real name?

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