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Doctor Who?

Created by sicklymeyer10

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Doctor Who game quiz
"This quiz is about one of the Doctor's regenerations specifically. I created this quiz in honor of the tenth doctor and all of the wonderful things that man has done."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In "The Christmas Invasion", the first full episode featuring the tenth Doctor, what species of alien does the doctor defeat?

2. In the episode "Tooth and Claw" we discover this person founded Torchwood Institute after an experience with the beloved Doctor.
    King Richard
    William Shakespeare
    Queen Victoria
    Queen Elizabeth II

3. In "The Impossible Planet", what did "The Beast" call the Doctor?
    The scared little boy
    The lonely angel
    The killer of his own kind
    The lonely god

4. What are the last and extremely emotional words the Doctor says to Rose, before the walls between their worlds close "forever"?
    Rose Tyler...
    I can never see you again...
    I love you...
    It's an old Gallifrey tradition...

5. In "Gridlock", the Face of Boe reveals his last piece of wisdom to the Doctor. What does he say?
    There is another
    You are not alone
    You will not be lonely
    Your song is ending

6. Why does the Doctor run from the Family of Blood?
    He is scared
    He wants to play a game
    He doesn't want to talk to them
    He is being kind

7. In "The Doctor's Daughter," what is the name of, you guessed it, the Doctor's daughter?

8. In "Silence in the Library" the Doctor meets Professor River Song. What does she whisper in the Doctor's ear to gain his trust?
    Her real name
    His name
    Rose's name
    The name of their song

9. In "The Journey's End" the Doctor and Donna have a bio-metacrisis. There has never been a time lord/human bio-metacrisis before. What is the reason for this?
    Time lords usually don't talk to humans
    Humans can't regenerate
    No one has enough money
    There can't be

10. In "The End of Time: Part Two" the tenth Doctor's life comes to an end, and he must regenerate. (Much to my objections!) Who causes the tenth Doctor's death?
    The Master
    Ood Sigma

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Compiled Mar 17 14