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Who Gives a Fig About Turkmenistan?

Created by glendathecat

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Turkmenistan
Who Gives a Fig About Turkmenistan game quiz
""The main thing that the West should know about Turkmenistan is that it exists. Most people have no idea that it exists." - Paul Theroux. Do the inhabitants of FunTrivia agree as it's one of the last countries to get its own quiz? Does anyone give a fig?"

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1. Who gives a fig about Turkmenistan? Answer: Its citizens, that's who.

Turkmenistan is approximately 190,000 square miles in area. This puts it on a par with which of these American states?

2. Who gives a fig about Turkmenistan? Answer: Its neighbours, that's who.

I'm sure that Turkmenistan's neighbours are keeping at least one eye upon her. She is bordered by four countries and all but one of these also ends in "stan". Which country is the exception?
    Ivory Coast

3. Who gives a fig about Turkmenistan? Answer: Some very famous leaders through history, that's who.

Which of the following did NOT have control of the territory that is modern day Turkmenistan?
    Joseph Stalin
    Alexander the Great
    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Genghis Khan

4. Who gives a fig about Turkmenistan? Answer: Former President Saparmyrat AtażewiÁ Nyżazow, that's who.

Nyżazow took the cult of personality to new levels and was noted for being both autocratic and eccentric. Which of the following was one of his more bizarre projects?
    Establishing a huge fishing fleet when Turkmenistan has no coastline
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    A ski resort in a mountain range where there is no snow for skiing
    A zoo dedicated to the breeding of the Turkmen tiger which has been extinct for 500 years

5. Who gives a fig about Turkmenistan? Answer: Construction workers, that's who.

Another of President Nyżazow's projects was the creation of a vast inland lake in the middle of the desert. Approximately, how much of Turkmenistan is covered by desert?

6. Who gives a fig about Turkmenistan? Answer: Anyone visiting the "Door to Hell", that's who.

This truly spectacular site has been continuously burning since 1971. What is being burned?
    Natural Gas
    Enemies of the state

7. Who gives a fig about Turkmenistan? Answer: Merv and Mary, that's who.

Merv and Mary aren't people, but Turkmen towns. If you've never heard of Merv then you should have been around in the twelfth century when it was, by some modern calculations, the largest city in the world. Just seventy years later, the town was captured by the Mongols. What happened to its population?
    They were made to marry Mongols.
    Nothing! They just acted as though nothing had happened.
    They were forced to worship the evil emperor Ming the Merciless.
    They were slaughtered.

8. Who gives a fig about Turkmenistan? Answer: The Guinness Book of Records, that's who.

In 2008, an object was unveiled in the capital, Ashgabat, that at 133m was the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. What was it?
    A stalactite
    A flagpole
    A mobile phone mast
    A solid gold statue of former president Nyżazow

9. Who gives a fig about Turkmenistan? Answer: The World Wildlife Fund, that's who.

In recent years, the World Wildlife Fund has focused work on protecting the endangered Bukhara deer in Turkmenistan and neighbouring countries. The falling population of Bukhara deer and loss of habitat has affected its main predator which is also vulnerable to extinction. Which animal is this?
    Armenian hamster
    Central Asian alligator
    Uzbek falcon
    Persian leopard

10. Who gives a fig about Turkmenistan? Answer: Importers and exporters, that's who.

If you pay attention for one cotton picking moment, you might cotton on that, any links you might have assumed through the course of this quiz, are not figging likely. So, which of these is one of Turkmenistan's major exports?
    Both figs and cotton
    Neither figs nor cotton

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