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Mild Baseball Stew

Created by Nightmare

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : MLB Mixture
Mild Baseball Stew game quiz
"All multiple choice about a mixed recipe of some baseball happenings with a mild flavor. Good luck! :)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of these teams won a World Series first?
    Toronto Blue Jays
    Chicago Cubs
    California Angels
    Florida Marlins

2. Which of these Hall of Fame greats did not wear the number 44?
    Ernie Banks
    Willie McCovey
    Hank Aaron
    Reggie Jackson

3. From 1999-2002, pitcher Randy Johnson won four consecutive National League Cy Young awards. Which Dodger broke that streak and won it in 2003?
    Dazzy Vance
    Sandy Koufax
    Eric Gagne
    Don Drysdale

4. The League Championship Series playoffs (ALCS, NLCS) began in Major League Baseball in 1969. The reason for the new format in playoffs was mainly because two new teams were added in each league. Three of those teams were the Padres, Expos, and Royals. Who was the fourth team?

5. All these Major League Baseball managers played in over 1000 games, except for one who appeared in only one game as a player. Who is the odd one out?
    Leo Durocher
    Walter Alston
    Yogi Berra
    Casey Stengel

6. Babe Ruth banged out 50+ home runs in a season four times in his Hall of Fame career. Who was the next player to hit 50 in a season more than once, and did it for two different teams?
    Greg Vaughn
    Roger Maris
    Jimmie Foxx
    David Ortiz

7. Which of these baseball greats died first?
    Dave McNally
    Ken Caminiti
    Dizzy Dean
    Warren Spahn

8. The NLDS/ALDS (Division Series) was added to baseball in the 1995 season in addition to the already NLCS/ALCS (League Championship Series). Which team was the first playoff Wildcard team to win a World Series crown?
    Montreal Expos
    Florida Marlins
    Colorado Rockies
    Chicago Cubs

9. In which year did Major League Baseball start presenting the Gold Glove Award for outstanding defensive play?

10. Which of these pitchers won the most career games in a Braves' uniform?
    Walter Johnson
    Warren Spahn
    Robin Roberts
    Steve Carlton

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Compiled Jun 28 12