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Peleliu: The Bitterest Battle of the Corps

Created by beterave

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Peleliu The Bitterest Battle of the Corps game quiz
"Peleliu: this island battle is seldom talked about or written about. Here is a quiz in honor of those who went ashore there."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which Marine Division was given the task of seizing Peleliu from the Japanese?
    the 1st Marine Division
    the 3rd Marine Division
    the 2nd Marine Division
    the 4th Marine Division

2. Where is Peleliu located?
    in the Palau Islands
    in the Gilbert Islands
    in the Solomon Islands
    in the Marshall Islands

3. How many days did General Rupertus predict the battle would last?
    three days
    two weeks
    forty days
    one month

4. What was the name of the coral obstacle that needed to be taken on D-Day at Peleliu?
    The Point
    The Zone
    The Hill
    The Tip

5. What made the fight for Peleliu different from the other island engagements with the Japanese?
    they used US tactics
    they used Banzai Charges
    they did not waste manpower
    they used naval personel

6. The battle of Peleliu was tough. Besides the Japanese defenders, what was the biggest concern for the Marines?
    the jungle

7. What natrual feature on Peleliu gave the Japanese defenders an advantage?
    the jungle
    steep glaciers
    the ruins
    the caves

8. What is the Umurbrogal Pocket better known as?
    The Meatgrinder
    The Hill
    Death Valley
    Bloody Nose Ridge

9. What did Chesty Puller's Marines think of him after the battle?
    they mourned his death
    that he was a legend
    that he was a glory hound
    they were indifferent

10. Why is the seizure of Peleliu considered controversial to this day?
    it cost the US Navy too many ships
    casualties were too high
    the island had no strategic value
    no one had ever heard of Peleliu

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Compiled Jun 28 12