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Enemy at the Gates

Created by mattscottish

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Enemy at the Gates game quiz
"I saw this movie the very first showing of it in Connecticut and I absolutely loved it, it is a perfect movie, the best since 'Gladiator'. SPOILER ALERT! If you have not seen this movie, go no further!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What does Vassili do to hide his breath so the wolf does not see him?
    Puts snow in his mouth
    Drinks hot water
    Ties a scarf round his mouth
    Eats food

2. What does Danilov say the people of Russia need to win the war?

3. Where is the yellow sand from that Sacha (the little boy), sees on Major Koenig's boots?
    Bomb factory
    Chemical factory
    Department store

4. Danilov tells Tania that she is more important behind a desk than behind a rifle because:
    She speaks German
    She is an engineer
    She knows about the German plans
    She has a bad leg

5. Vassili learned to shoot by hunting wolves, but why does he shoot his enemies in the eye?
    That is where they shot his mother
    To kill them quickest
    To not damage the 'fur'
    So they will feel the most pain

6. What is the LAST thing that Danilov wants to do for Vassili?
    Sacrifice himself so the Sniper will use his last bullets
    Surrender to distract the Sniper
    Cover Vassili as he runs closer to the Sniper
    Show him where the Sniper is

7. Why did Vassili's Russian metal-toothed friend, Koulikov, get his teeth knocked out?
    He was in Germany
    He was reading a German book
    He spoke German
    He has a German wife

8. What does Major Koenig do to draw Vassili into his trap?
    Hangs Tania
    Hangs Sacha
    Tortures Civilians
    Burns Tania's family

9. The German Assassin carries two medals, one is the iron cross, the other, a silver cross with cross-swords; it is not his, why is it so important to him?
    It belongs to his father
    It was Hitler's
    He got it for killing Russians rebels (All Civilians)
    It belongs to his son

10. 'This is Stalingrad, it is a symbol, if this city falls, the whole country will fall with it, I want our boys to...'
    Answer: (One Word)

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Compiled Jun 28 12