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No. 1 Hits of the 70s Vol. 24

Created by fredsixties

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No 1 Hits of the 70s Vol 24 game quiz
"This is the still another entry in the 1970s series which highlights song that were number one on the U.S. Billboard charts during the decade. You may need to give the title or the artist. There may be clues to help you along. Good luck."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Stevie Wonder recorded a song that was considered political in 1974. What song was it that lamented the lack of action by the government?
    I Wish
    Higher Ground
    Livin' for the City
    You Haven't Done Nothin'

2. Bachman-Turner Overdrive had their only number one single with this recording in 1974. Choose the right song.
    You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
    Let it Ride
    Free Wheelin
    Lookin' Out for #1

3. John Lennon had only one number one song in the U.S. as a solo artist during his lifetime.

4. This singer, with a 'bird' surname, gave us "I Can Help" as a number one single in 1974. Name him.
    Lenny Dove
    Peter Finch
    John Sparrow
    Billy Swan

5. Carl Douglas took advantage of a craze going on in the motion picture industry in mid-1970s and gave us a song that went to the top of the charts. What was the subject of these films?
    Rampant Drug Use
    Free Sex and Love
    Kung Fu Fighting

6. Harry Chapin provided us a window into the life of a modern father and son with this folk tune from 1974. Name it.
    Cat's in the Cradle
    Mr. Tanner
    Better Place to Be

7. Helen Reddy took a break from her Women's Lib image to record this cryptic song in 1974. What's the name of the tune?
    Angie Baby
    One Way Ticket

8. The band Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds had a hit with "Fallin' in Love" in 1975. How many members were in the group?
    Answer: (One word or number)

9. KC and the Sunshine Band had a number of top-selling hits during the disco era in the mid and late 1970s, including a few number ones. Are you down to name their first number one hit?
    I Like to Do It
    Get Down Tonight
    Shotgun Shuffle
    Boogie Shoes

10. A song by a former touring member of The Beach Boys made it to the top of both the U.S. Country and Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1975. What was the name of the song?
    Here You Come Again
    Rhinestone Cowboy

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