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...And All I Got Were These Lousy Points

Created by adams627

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And All I Got Were These Lousy Points game quiz
"It's easy to get addicted to video games, especially back when there were only a couple games of any note. Identify the games that these players spent hours perfecting, just to get a few lousy points."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In about six hours, Billy Mitchell, from Hollywood, Florida, became the first person ever to get a perfect game in this arcade staple. Scoring 3,333,360 points, Mitchell won 255 levels while collecting every dot, fruit, and energizer dot. Which game was he playing?

2. One of the most influential video games of all time, it was created by Tomohiro Nishikado in 1978. 33 years later, American Donald Hayes scored 55,160 points, something that the creator never imagined would be possible. Which infinitely-looping video game gets progressively harder as time goes on, as the title characters move faster and the protective barriers disappear?
    Space Invaders

3. Jim Schneider scored 16,389,547 points on an arcade game on June 11, 2004, after hours of controlling a human head that kills the title figure. Ed Logg and Dona Bailey designed this game that was produced by Atari in 1980 and is notable for having a major female player base in a traditionally male-dominated field. What game, which features scorpions and mushrooms, is it?
    Super Mario

4. Author JK Rowling honed her skills at a simple game while writing the "Harry Potter" series so that she could win the game on "Expert" in less than 100 seconds. Which game, which requires both logic and some occasional guesswork, is it?

5. A documentary was made about the pursuit of an ultimate score in this game, featuring Steve Wiebe as a gamer trying to surpass the record of Billy Mitchell. "A Fistful of Quarters" was the subtitle of that movie, which showed Wiebe earn more than a million points on a machine in his garage. What arcade game was Wiebe competing in?
    Donkey Kong

6. In December 2009, Pat Laffaye became the first person to break the record that the "Seinfeld" character George Castanza set at this game. Laffaye earned 896,980 points over six hours in order to beat the fictional "Castanza Score". In which game did he navigate the title character across hundreds of frames without getting hit by a car or falling into the water?
    Donkey Kong

7. It was a 15-year-old from Cherry Hill, New Jersey that set a record lasting more than twenty years in this game. Scott Safran's score of 41,336,440 on this classic arcade game was acknowledged in 2002, although the teenager had died in 1989. In which Atari game, in which the player controls a triangular space-ship, did he excel?
    Lunar Lander

8. Because 999,999 is the record score in the classic version of this game, mastery of it is recognized by how fast a player can reach that total. Fast players can reach such a score in under four minutes, often by shortening the screen and only clearing multiple lines at a time. What game, proven to improve cognition, is it?

9. Xavier St. Jean earned more than 90 million points in February 2000 on the "Space Cadet" version of a classic arcade game for PC. With unlimited extra balls, he was able to more-than double the in-place high scores for which popular game?

10. Twin Galaxies, the American organization responsible for validating many of the scores on this quiz, held a 1985 competition to determine the "strongest" video gamer of all. $10,000 dollars would be given to anyone that was able to play a video game for 100 hours straight. What name, borrowed from an arduous athletic competition, did the organization give for its contest?
    Iron Man
    World's Strongest Man

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Compiled Jun 28 12