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That Thing You Do!

Created by doogie52

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That Thing You Do game quiz
"Here are some basic questions regarding "That Thing You Do!", a great 1960s period piece."

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1. What was the name of the original drummer for The Wonders?

2. The name of the "spaghetti joint by the airport" was called Villapiano's. Where did they get that name from?
    It used to be a piano warehouse
    A former Oakland Raider football player, Phil Villapiano
    Villapiano's was a nationally known spaghetti sauce in the 1960s
    It was Tom Hanks' mother's maiden name

3. What was the character name of the host of the television show that The Wonders performed on?
    Troy Chessman
    Troy Chesterman
    Troy Chesterfield
    Troy Chester

4. Who of the following was NOT a producer of "That Thing You Do"?
    Tom Hanks
    Jonathan Demme
    Gary Goetzman
    Edward Saxon

5. According to the label on the record "That Thing You Do", given to The Wonders before their first state fair performance, who was the writer of the song?
    Tom Hanks
    James Mattingly III
    Guy Patterson
    Neil Sedaka

6. Who recorded the demo record for The Wonders?
    Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bob
    Uncle Ben
    The Save-Mart

7. The first time The Wonders played together was at a talent show at which college?
    Mount Holyoke College
    Erie College
    University of Pittsburgh
    Mercyhurst College

8. Who was signing autographs at the Wisconsin State Fair?
    The Green Bay Packers team
    The President of Land O' Lakes
    The cast of "The Beverly Hillbillies"
    The cast of "Bonanza"

9. What was Guy's girlfriend's name?
    Tina Powers
    Genie Sowers
    Nina Flowers
    Trini Powers

10. When Guy and the bass player left their Los Angeles hotel's coffee shop, where were they planning to go?
    The Hollywood Walk of Fame
    Grauman's Chinese Theatre
    A Dodger baseball game

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