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A Worldwide Star

Created by doublemm

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Flags and Symbols
A Worldwide Star game quiz
"As part of "Mike and Rowena's Invertebrate Inquizitions", this quiz follows Stirling the starfish as he travels the world. As Stirling is about to find out, his characteristic shape is recognised worldwide and has numerous symbolic meanings. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. First to Morocco, where the locals point at Stirling and compare him to their national flag. Stirling hears one particular woman remark that he resembles the "Seal of Solomon". Whilst this term ("Seal of Solomon") is often applied to the star on the Moroccan flag, why may some claim that this term is inaccurate?
    The star on the Moroccan flag is green, not yellow
    The star on the Moroccan flag has 5 points, not 6
    The star on the Moroccan flag is on a red background, not a white one
    There is nothing inaccurate about this term

2. Now arriving in Nepal, Stirling the starfish meets a man who refers to him as a "mandala". "That can't be right", Stirling says as he looks up the word in his Sanskrit dictionary. But as Stirling later finds out, this word's meaning is not always taken literally. What does the Sanskrit word, "mandala", mean?

3. Stirling the starfish was called "Pleiades" whilst in Greece and "a Faerie star" by a group of "witches" whilst in England. Both of these terms refer to the same symbol. By what other name is this symbol often known?
    The Giants' Star
    The Godly Star
    The Dwarf Star
    The Elven Star

4. Now in Paris, France, Stirling the starfish meets a group of people who seem to think that he is the symbol of their extraterrestrial creators. To which movement, one described as a UFO religion, do these people belong to?
    The Creativity Movement

5. Now in Syria, Stirling the starfish is linked with the symbol of another religion. This 5-pointed star is the symbol of a small religious sect which claims to be an offshoot of Islam, and worships al-Hakim - a man whom they believe was the incarnation of God. What is the name of his religion?

6. Now in the middle East, Stirling is told that he is part of a symbol which represents the dominant faith of the area - Islam, but later finds that the symbol to which these people are referring outdates Islam by thousands of years. What is the star usually coupled with in this symbol?
    A sword
    An eye
    A set of scales
    A crescent moon

7. Now in India, Stirling meets a crowd who seem to associate him with an 8-pointed star made by two overlapping squares. They also associate him with the Hindu goddess which this star is named after, therefore assuming that he has brought them wealth and wisdom. To which goddess are these people referring?

8. Stirling now arrives on a small Mediterranean island and is immediately told of his resemblance to the cross which bears this island's name. Although being called a cross, this symbol does resemble a star due to its "fishtail" like ends. What island is Stirling on?

9. Travelling the world, Stirling visited many countries which practise Christianity, Judaism and Islam. In all of these places, Stirling was told of how he resembled a religious symbol which was said to have been made from the soul of a particular angel - one who some sources claim stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac. What was the name of this angel?

10. One symbol which Stirling was associated with in many of the countries he visited was linked to many flattering things, such as wisdom, power and perfection, as well as to famous mathematician, Pythagoras and Roman goddess, Venus. Which world famous symbol associates Stirling with all of these things?
    The chaos wheel
    The Dharma wheel
    The pentagram
    The atheist symbol

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Compiled Jun 28 12