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Sultry Stars of Film Noir

Created by robbieh

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Sultry Stars of Film Noir game quiz
"They were really something, the femmes fatales of the film noir era - glamorous, tough, wise-cracking, always perfectly dressed, dressed to kill sometimes. Here are ten of the best."

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1. Let's begin with a petite blonde with a famous peekaboo hairstyle. She was best known as a film noir femme fatale. A frequent co-star was Alan Ladd, and they appeared together in "This Gun for Hire" in 1942 and and "The Blue Dahlia" (1946) among others. Which of these was she?
    Lizbeth Scott
    Audrey Totter
    Cleo Moore
    Veronica Lake

2. She played a cheating wife in "They Drive by Night" in 1940, a dance-hall girl who falls for Humphrey Bogart in 1941's "High Sierra", and a singer in "Road House" in 1948. She called herself "the poor man's Bette Davis", but she was a big star all on her own, and one of Hollywood's very first women film directors as well. Do you know who she is?
    Jane Darwell
    Jan Sterling
    Ida Lupino
    Yvonne DeCarlo

3. This lovely brunette started out her life as a debutante, fresh out of finishing school. She was a big star in the '40s, her best known film a classic in which she co-starred with Dana Andrews. Personal problems cut her career short, but we'll always have "Laura". Which is she?
    Jean Simmons
    Ava Gardner
    Jeanne Crain
    Gene Tierney

4. This blonde often appeared as the hard-boiled gal with a soft heart. She played the long-suffering moll of brutal gangster Johnny Rocco (Edward G. Robinson) in "Key Largo". Do you know which lady won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for that 1948 classic?
    Shelley Winters
    Claire Trevor
    Barbara Hale
    Martha Vickers

5. This star came from an acting family and had an equally famous and elegant sister named Constance. She was "The Woman in the Window" in 1944 as well as "The Woman on the Beach" in 1947. Her best known film noir role was in "Scarlet Street" (1945), and she went on to a career which lasted some seventy years altogether. Who was she?
    Joan Bennett
    Ann Savage
    Joan Crawford
    Marie Windsor

6. She plotted a murder with insurance salesman Fred MacMurray, and suffered as Burt Lancaster's terrified invalid wife. She was Martha Ivers, Phyllis Dietrichson and Thelma Jordan. Her career began in the late 1920s and continued till 1986. Who was this very popular leading lady?
    Alida Valli
    Ann Blyth
    Ann Sheridan
    Barbara Stanwyck

7. "Out of the Past" (1947) is at the top of almost every list of great films of the genre. It starred Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas, with a supporting cast of the usual suspects. The leading lady of this gem was a beautiful and deadly heart-breaker. Who played Kathie Moffat in "Out of the Past"?
    Mary Astor
    Beverly Michaels
    Jane Greer
    Rhonda Fleming

8. They didn't come any lovelier than this one. She was mysterious and sultry, and she was a big hit in the classic 1946 film "The Killers" with Burt Lancaster. Soon her leading man in real life would be the entertainer known as "The Voice". Who was this film noir star?
    Signe Hasso
    Alida Valli
    Ava Gardner
    Jean Peters

9. No quiz about film noir stars would be complete with her, the provocative blonde vixen with the famous pout. Probably her most famous role was in the 1953 classic "The Big Heat" with Glenn Ford, in which Lee Marvin's brutal character hurled scalding coffee in her face. Who was she?
    Dorothy Malone
    Evelyn Keyes
    Gloria Grahame
    Jean Hagen

10. In her films, she was worth a stare, and she was trouble sometimes. Leading lady to a legend, only nineteen years old at the time they began their on and off-screen romance, she became a screen icon in her own right. She famously instructed her co-star how to whistle in 1944's "To Have and Have Not": "Put your lips together and blow." Who is she?
    Debra Paget
    Rita Hayworth
    Lana Turner
    Lauren Bacall

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