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The Twelfth of Never

Created by dcpddc478

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Hidden Words by Theme
The Twelfth of Never game quiz
"In each sentence there are hidden words that deal with periods of time, days, or dates. Can you find them?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The first step in making John's new drink is to pour triple sec on dry ice.
    Answer: (One Word/6 Letters)

2. Some types of squash can grow in terrible soil even in December!
    Answer: (One Word/6 Letters)

3. Long ago, many early cavemen adorned themselves with ash or mud.
    Answer: (One Word/4 letters)

4. The bosun dialed his mother to let her know his ship had landed.
    Answer: (One Word/7 Letters)

5. In March, Caesar called for his horse so that he could ride south to Egypt.
    Answer: (One Word/4 letters)

6. Shortly before Easter, St. Paul entered the city of Rome knowing he was going to his demise.
    Answer: (One Word/4 Letters)

7. The strict sergeant made cadets follow every order.
    Answer: (One Word/6 Letters)

8. My wonderful boyfriend brought me asters last spring.(Remember it is a hidden word.)
    Answer: (One Word/6 Letters)

9. Marlowe eked out a living as a bell ringer at the cathedral.
    Answer: (One word/4 Letters)

10. If you want to get into the Autumn festival, you shall owe entrance fees.
    Answer: (One Word/9 Letters)

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Compiled Jun 28 12